iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung S20+ Battery Test

Hi Guys and welcome to 123myit, in this video we will show you, which phone, has the best battery life out of the iPhone 11 Pro vs the Samsung S20+.

iPhone 11 pro vs Samsung Battery Results

And the results might surprise you. It seems Apple might have been lying to you when they said the iPhone 11 Pro has Video playback streaming of up to 11 hours. Well in our test of YouTube streaming the iPhone 11 Pro only lasted for 8 hours 17 mins. Which is a long way short of the 11 hours that Apple suggested on their website. With the Samsung S20+ still on 26% of battery life and was the clear winner in this test. Which is pretty amazing when you consider the Samsung has a bigger screen than the iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 11 pro vs samsung
The last few mins of the streaming battery test.

Battery Sizes

The battery’s in each phone are different sizes. With the iPhone 11 Pro being lithium-Ion 3046 mAh battery and the Samsung s20+ having a lithium polymer 4500 mAh battery. This means the Samsung’s battery is bigger. Therefore, you would expect the Samsung to win. However, I guess, the take home in this test is the information on the Apple website could be seen and misleading. Since in our test it fell short about 2 and a half hours worth.

But, how would you ever know unless you had a YouTube channel like 123myIT to tell you.

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Low Power Mode on iPhone

Enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone to extend battery life when you need it.

Hi Guys, have you ever been caught out where you didnt get a full charge on your iPhone and you are not near a charger but you need to get some more battery life out of your iPhone?
Or is the battery on your iPhone not lasting as long as you would like? This seems to always happen when your expecting an important phone call or text message? Low power mode can help!

You can buy a portable battery brick, but you have to charge that as well and you its just another thing to carry.
Or you do another option which is built into your iPhone automatically and its called low power mode.

Step 1 – Enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone

low power mode
You can buy power bricks that allow you to double or tripple your iPhone battery life.

To add low power mode to your Control Centre go into Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.

Scroll down until you see Low Power Mode.
Tap on the green plus icon beside Low Power. This will add it to your control centre.
And if you scroll back to the top you should see it there.

Go back out of settings and into your control centre. To access Control Centre just swipe up from the bottom . If you are using an iPhone X you will need to swipe down from top right conrner.

You should now see a new Low Power Mode icon in your control centre. Simply tap it to turn it on and tap it to turn it off.

To remove the Low Power icon from your Control Centre. Go back into Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls. Tap the red minus icon and tap remove.
Then if you go back out and into your Control Centre, Low Power will be gone.
Another point to remember guys is Low Power will effect some features to make your iPhone last longer.

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How to Save Battery Power on an Android Device

If you have been using your Android device for a while you might have noticed that it started out with really good battery life but over time, the battery life doesn’t seem to be as good as it was. It could be that the battery is slowly dying and all of them do that, however it could be that you have loads of apps running in the back ground and all of your services on.

This guide will give you some helpful tips on how to save your battery life. A few small tips will have your Android device lasting for day!! Well maybe not that long. 😉

Step 1. Have your phone tell you what is using up the most power.
Go into Settings, About Phone, Battery Use. On my phone the app Whatsapp was using 66% of the battery. So turning off Whatsapp would help me get more battery life out of the phone.

Android Battery Use

Step 2. Tell your Android device to use 2G only or use GSM over WCDMA.
Only do this if you don’t need access to 3G or 4G high speed data.
Go into Settings, Wireless and Network, Mobile networks and select your network mode.

Android Network Mode

Step 3. Reduce your display brightness.
Settings, Display, Brightness.
Slide brightness slider all the way to the left and it will help you save power when you are reading the phone. Most of the time people can still read the phone without needing the brightness up high.

Android Screen Brightness

Step 4. Always try to use a black background or wallpaper. Settings, Display, Wallpaper.
Here is a sample below but you can find loads of black backgrounds on Google images.

Android Black Background Wallpaper

You can also set bGoog.com as your default home page. bGoog.com is a black background search engine webpage by Google and its built especially for mobile devices it allows you to search the web without using so much power on your phone. Awesome idea.

Google Black

Step 5. Adjust your screen timeout to the shortest time Possible. Settings, Display and then Screen Timeout.

Android Screen Timeout

Step 6. Turn off your WIFI when you are not using it. Settings, Wireless and network, WIFI settings.

Android WIFI Settings

Step 7. Turn off your Bluetooth when you are not using it. Settings,Wireless and network, Bluetooth settings.

Android Bluetooth Settings

Step 8. Turn off your GPS. If your GPS is turns on it is constantly looking for satellites which takes up battery power. Settings, Location and Security, Use GPS Satellites.

Android GPS Settings

Step 9. Use Power apps and widgets. There are loads of free and paid apps that control all sorts of stuff.
The two that you should take a look at are:
* Power control Widget
* Power management
* Null BLack Wallpaper

Android Power Apps

Step 10. Turn off phone vibration. Settings, Sound, Vibrate. And set vibrate to never. You have the following options Always, Never, Only in Silent mode and Only when not in Silent mode.

Android Vibrate

Step 11. Turn off all your applications when you don’t need them. Settings, Applications, Manage Applications. Press Running and then press and Stop any applications that you don’t need.

Android Applications

Step 12. Put your phone in standby mode when you are no longer using it.
Press the Power button on your device when you are finished using it as it will use less power if you get into this habit.

Android Power Button

Step 13. Take your USB charger with your where ever you go as there are Free USB ports everywhere! Allot of Airlines these days have free USB ports so that you can charge your Android device while flying.
Free USB Ports

Step 14. A spare battery can be a lifesaver if you just so happen to run out of Power. Spare ones can be picked up from websites like ebay.

Hope that helps guys.
Good Luck 🙂

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Top 10 tips to save battery life on iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPad & iOS 5.

A step by step guide on the top 10 tips to save battery life on iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPad & iOS 5.

On your iPhone, iPod or iPad do the following.
Tip 1: Turn off background applications.
1. Double tap your home button.
2. Hold down any of the applications.
3. Then press the application minus sign to turn it off.
Tip 2: Turn off application notification settings.
1. Go into settings.
2. Go into notifications.
3. Scroll down and press edit.
4. drag your apps that you want to turn off notification settings on.
Tip 3: Turn on Auto Brightness.
1. Settings, then Brightness and Wallpaper.
2. Toggle the off, on button to turn on Auto Brightness.
Tip 4: Tunr off Bluetooth
1. Settings
2. Bluetooth, and turn the button off.
Tip 5: Turn off locations services
1. Settings.
2. Privacy.
3. Location services, then toggle the location services button.
Tip 6: Turn off EQ.
1. Settings.
2. Music.
3. EQ and remove the ticks.
Tip 7: Turn off Push mail.
1. Settings.
2. Mail and Contacts.
3. Fetch new data.
4. Set the push mail button to off.
5. Make sure you scroll down and select manually.
Tip 8: Turn off Raise to speak.
1. Settings.
2. General.
3. Siri.
4. Turn off Raise to speak.
Tip 9: Turn off Wifi
1. Settings
2. Wifi and turn Wifi off.
Tip 10: Turn on Auto-Lock.
1. Settings.
2. General. Scroll down to Auto-Lock.
Make sure its not set to never as it will waste the battery life.

How to add Battery Percentage on iPhone 4S, 3G, 5, iPod and iPad.

This is a tutorial on how to show the Battery Percentage beside the battery power meter on the iPhone 3G, 4S, 5, iPod and iPad.

On your IPhone, IPod or IPad doe the following.
1. Go into Settings menu.
2. Go into General menu.
3. Go into the usage menu.
4. Scroll down till you see the Battery Usage menu.
5. Turn on the Battery Percentage menu.

And then you are done.