Transfer WhatsApp iPhone to Samsung

Hi Guys Matt from123myit here, in this video I will show you how to Transfer your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung.

Guys for as long as I can remember people have been asking me to do a video on how to Transfer WhatsApp messages. Well here is, but there is a few things you need to know first.

This video assumes that you have a new Samsung phone so it needs to be factory reset. Because you will be copying data from iPhone to Samsung. To reset it go into Settings, About Phone, Reset and Factory Data reset. This process will wipe the data currently on your Samsung. So make sure you do a backup first.

Get ready – Fully charge your battery – WhatsApp iPhone to Samsung

Second thing to know is make sure you have both phones battery has fully charged. As it will take a long time to move the data.

The next thing to do is turn off any security on your iPhone. So turn off Passcodes, as they will block the Transfer process.

Last, you will need a USB-C to lighting Apple cable. We will use the to move the data from iPhone to Samsung. Let us get started.

WhatsApp iPhone to Samsung

Plug your two phones in with the cable

Go ahead and plug in your Samsung to your iPhone. Cool and you should see the app called Smart Switch pop up on your Samsung. Just go ahead and tap it and that download. Up to you will see a pop up that says downloading. If you do not see this swipe down from the top of your Samsung and you can check the download process, there. You will need internet access for it to download.

Cool, there it is so tap Agree on the Samsung. We want to tap Receive data because we are receiving from the iPhone. Then tap on iPhone then tap ok. All right, it has come up with the Trust this computer on the iPhone. So go ahead and tap Trust. And then tap next.

Backing up your phone

Awesome, swipe up on your Samsung and it will give you a complete list of data to backup. You can do this if you want. But for this video we want WhatsApp only. Therefore, I will take the tick out of all the data and just tap Apps. Next swipe to the bottom and tap Transfer. Now if you have a Google account go ahead and Sign In. Google will ask you to approve the account on another device or in your email.

Great if you have made it this far well done. Just unselect all the apps and tap Whatsapp Messenger. Ok some phones will start the Transfer automatically. If yours does not then go into WhatsApp on your iPhone. Go into Settings > Chats  and move Chats to Android. Then tap Start.

Turn off iMessage

Cool, tap next and then you will get a prompt to turn iMessage off on your old iPhone. You can follow the prompts on the Samsung, or you can do it on your iPhone under settings, Messages and then turn the iMessage button off. Tap next, next and done.

Awesome go check and see if the WhatsApp icon is there now and tap on the WhatsApp icon. Now if you have a sim card now is the time to move it because WhatsApp needs the phone number to work properly. Once you have moved your Sim tap Agree and continue. WhatsApp will send you a text message to verify your phone number. Tap Allow and then Allow again.

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LG 27GL850-B Gaming Monitor Unboxing & Gaming Settings

How to Arrange your iPhone icons the Easy Way!

LG 27GL850-B Gaming Monitor Unboxing & Gaming Settings

Hi Guys Matt from123myit here, in this video I will show you how to an unboxing and first look at the LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

The Specs -LG 27GL850-B Gaming

The LG 27GL850-B is a 27-inch 1440p QHD Gaming monitor with a 1 ms response time. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz and its also Gsync and Free sync compatible by using Adaptive Sync. The 27GL850-B is a great buy at the moment retails for around $350 usd and $550 Aussie at the time of this video. If you are interested, I will put a link in the description below.

Other features include black stabilizer and HDR10 support. Let’s take a look what you get inside the box.

Inside the box

First up inside the box you have the base of the monitor stand. It has a black plastic cover with red highlights. Inside the LG UltraGear black box, you get a power plug. So, an Australian New Zealand power plug, but if you are in the US, you would get a US power plug. The power supply is not built into the monitor, and it comes as a separate power brick much like you see with laptop designs. I tested the power draw with HDR Effect turned on which is a bright setting, and the monitor uses about 26 watts of power. When I changed it to Reader it used 13 watts.

Power usage

The worst part when the monitor was turned off totally it still was using 1 to 2 watts while not in use.

Next in the box you have a little cable tidy, Display Port, USB 3.0 and HDMI cable. Also, in the box you have a driver CD, quick start guides and warranty information.

Next up is the arm that connects to the monitor to the base. Taking the monitor out of the box it’s an IPS display so blacks should look darker and colours will be brighter than a TN display. On the back you will see two HDMI and USB down ports. Along with one display and USB up ports. And if you have a VESA stand you can also attach your own.

The Stand

While the stand is solid there is some wobble, but it’s not a deal breaker. You can adjust the height and swivel as well as put it in portrait mode. Here it is beside the Aorus KD25F, which is a TN panel. Can you make out the deeper blacks and brighter colours?

Remembering that its a Nano IPS panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and 350 nits of brightness.

FreeSync and G Sync

To start the OSD there is a little joystick under the logo. The thing I really like about this is it tells you the refresh rate straight away. Sweet so its running at 144Hz and you can see Adaptive Sync is on. In Game Mode it has some modes already to go which is nice. For best results in games, I set this to FPS with and went into the Game Adjust menu and turned Adaptive Sync off. The reason for this is when Adaptive Sync is turned on the Frame Rate in PUBG dropped making it terrible to play.

Adaptive Sync

If you can’t get Adaptive Sync to turn off, go into the NVidia control panel and take the tick out of Enable G-Sync. I am assuming it will be the same thing for AMD graphics cards. Once you have that turned off, go down to Response Time and make sure it is set to fast not faster. This is because the Faster setting only works with allot of errors and it looks bloody terrible.

Try it an test a game. Don’t take my word for it try it yourself. Next up to add a cross hair, go down to the Cross Hair menu and select the cross hair you want to use. I always go for the red one works best for me. Alright go in and check your display settings and make sure your 27GL850 is set to 144Hz.

On the Back

On the back the monitor has a USB hub which I really like as it allows you to plug in extra devices for your desktop. I use a desktop mic so when I turn my monitor off it also turns the mic off which is handy.

Testing how well games play

Alright let’s fire up PUBG and do some testing. So, with Adaptive Sync turned on I was getting around 71 to 74 frames per second. And with it turned off the frames improved all the way up to 110 frames per second. So, you can see why some BenQ monitors don’t even include Gsync FreeSync as it might not always be suitable.

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Turn On Background Sounds on iPhone to Help you Sleep

Dont Use Nicehash Optimized Settings

How to Arrange your iPhone icons the Easy Way!

Hi Guys and Matt from 123myit here. I am always amazed when how to do something a new way on computers or phones. Sometimes you do not even realise that there is a new way to do something until someone else shows you and you realise you have been doing it the hard way for a while.

What to do first – Arrange your iPhone icons

Take arranging your icons on your iPhone for example. Normally I would tap and drag th icons around but there is an easier way. Let me show you. If you tap your icon and hold it. I would normally drag this around but what you can do is tap the other icons that you want to arrange this icon with.

So if I grab my Calendar, Photos, Camera and Wallet. It will reorganise them in that same order that I selected. OK I will do it again. This time I want to put all my icons on the bottom row so can reach them easy. So I will tap my wallet, photos, camera and facetime. Cool so there is my wallet, photos, camera and facetime all on the easy to reach bottom row.

Arrange your iPhone icons

Here’s another one. To move an icon to a different screen I used to tap and do an awkward icon drag to one of the other screens. But what you can actually do it Tap and hold the icon and then just use your other hand to switch screens……. Oh so much easier haha.

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Turn On Background Sounds on iPhone to Help you Sleep

Dont Use Nicehash Optimized Settings

Turn On Background Sounds on iPhone to Help you Sleep

Learn how to turn on background sounds on iPhone

Guys Matt from 123myit here. People you might be wondering why I am showing you a planes on a iPhone video. Well these are the planes that fly over my house and as you can hear, they are very loud! So if you are trying to sleep, study, concentrate or just get some peace from the outside world. I will show you a new iPhone feature that allows you to block out some of this outside noise.

background sounds on iphone

Let us take a look. Helpful background sounds on iPhone. The features is called background sounds and it’s only available on iOS version 15 or later. To find it swipe down from the top right and go into control center and it’s the little ear icon. If it off you can just tap the ear icon to turn it on. I will show you how to find it in settings and turn it on. All right so this is my older iPhone 12 and it’s not updated. So if you have swiped down from the top into control center and you do not have the ear. I will show you where to find it in settings > accessibility > Audio Visual and background sounds. On my iPhone, 12 Pro its running iOS 14 and I will show you it’s not there so you will need to update to iOS 15.

Cool so to turn it on toggle the button at the top. And then you are done. Easy as.

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Dont Use Nicehash Optimized Settings

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