Top 10 tips to save battery life on iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPad & iOS 5.

A step by step guide on the top 10 tips to save battery life on iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPad & iOS 5.

On your iPhone, iPod or iPad do the following.
Tip 1: Turn off background applications.
1. Double tap your home button.
2. Hold down any of the applications.
3. Then press the application minus sign to turn it off.
Tip 2: Turn off application notification settings.
1. Go into settings.
2. Go into notifications.
3. Scroll down and press edit.
4. drag your apps that you want to turn off notification settings on.
Tip 3: Turn on Auto Brightness.
1. Settings, then Brightness and Wallpaper.
2. Toggle the off, on button to turn on Auto Brightness.
Tip 4: Tunr off Bluetooth
1. Settings
2. Bluetooth, and turn the button off.
Tip 5: Turn off locations services
1. Settings.
2. Privacy.
3. Location services, then toggle the location services button.
Tip 6: Turn off EQ.
1. Settings.
2. Music.
3. EQ and remove the ticks.
Tip 7: Turn off Push mail.
1. Settings.
2. Mail and Contacts.
3. Fetch new data.
4. Set the push mail button to off.
5. Make sure you scroll down and select manually.
Tip 8: Turn off Raise to speak.
1. Settings.
2. General.
3. Siri.
4. Turn off Raise to speak.
Tip 9: Turn off Wifi
1. Settings
2. Wifi and turn Wifi off.
Tip 10: Turn on Auto-Lock.
1. Settings.
2. General. Scroll down to Auto-Lock.
Make sure its not set to never as it will waste the battery life.

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