How to change the Screen Timeout on Android

This video will show you how to set the Screen Time out on Android.

Hi All
One of the biggest killers of battery life is the screen timeout, so I have make a quick video on how to change the screen timeout on your Android device to save battery!!! 🙂

step 1. Go into your phone menu and tap settings.

Android Settings Menu

Step 2. Tap on display.

Android Display Menu

Step 3. Scroll down and press the screen timeout button.

Android Screen Timeout Menu

Step 4. Select how long you want the time out to be. Remember the shorter the timeout set the more battery life you will have on your Android device. You should have the following Timeout choices.
* 15 seconds
* 30 seconds
* 1 minute
* 2 minutes
* 10 minutes
* Never turn off

Android Select Screen Timeout Menu

Hope that helps you increase your battery life ! 🙂
Good luck

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