How to find a lost iPhone iPad or iPod 2013

This video will show you how to find a lost iPhone iPad or iPod 2013.

Losing your iPhone can be a real pain. First of all these lovely Apple devices are not cheap to replace. Second, you run the risk of losing your data and having someone else get access to your photos, music, contacts and not to mention your iTunes account.

Don’t worry all is not lost, you can actually minimise your losses especially if you are one of those types of people that loses 5 iPhones a year. Read on an we will show you how you can find that lost iPhone.

Setup the “Find My iPhone” App

Step 1. Download “Find My iPhone” app on your iOS device and setup your iCloud account. You can get the Find My iPhone app from the iTunes store.
See the video on how to setup an iCloud accounts here.

Find my iPhone

Step 2. On your iPhone turn on the Find my iPhone App within the iCloud menu. Settings, iCloud scroll to the bottom and tap the Find my iPhone button.

Find my iPhone iCloud Setting

Step 3. Now you can open the app on your iPhone or on a Mac or Windows PC you can open a web browser and browse to

iCloud Login

Step 4. Once logged into the App or iCloud you will be sent to the location of the iPhone. If you tap devices you will get a list of iOS devices that you have added to your iCloud account. See the screen shot below the 123myIT iPhone has been added to the device list.

Fine My iPhone Menu

Step 5. Tapping the iOS device will show you the location of the iPhone on Google maps.

Find my iPhone Location

Step 6. Press the blue arrow on the iOS device and it will give you three options.
* Play Sound
* Lost Mode
* Erase iPhone

Find My iPhone Options

Play Sound
Now this is this important part, if you have lost your iPhone around the house or it has fallen down the back of the couch and you cant find it. Pressing the Play Sound button with make the iPhone ring so you will be able to track it quite easily. What’s the difference between doing that and ringing the iPhone I hear you ask? Good question the iPhone will actually ring even if you have it on silent and the sound turned down! neat huh ?

Lost Mode
Pressing the lost mode button allows you to enter a phone number that if the iPhone is found the person who finds the iPhone can make a call back to the number you specify and hopefully you will get your phone back. It also lock the device so that if a person has found the device they will not be able to access your data but they will be able to call the number you enter.

Lost iPhone

If you press next you will be able to put in a message to the person that has found your iPhone. The default message on the iPhone is. “This iPhone has been lost. Please call me.”
You can change this message to what ever you want and there are some great messages on Google especially when the iPhone has been stolen.:)

LostMode Message

Pressing Done will send the message and the number you suggested to the missing iPhone and with any luck you will get a phone call and have your iPhone handed back to you.

Missing iPhone Message

Erase iPhone
The last option is Erase iPhone. ONLY do this if your iPhone has been stolen or lost and you want to delete your data on the device. Only use this option as a last resort.

If you do end up getting your iPhone back you can simply restore your data through iTunes backup. See my video here.

More to come 🙂

Unboxing the 3rd Generation Apple TV

This video will show you the Unboxing the 3rd Generation Apple TV.

Apple TV allows you to stream movies and TV shows that are available online in the iTunes Store to your HDTV. All the movies in iTunes are on a rental or purchase basis, and all your purchases are then stored in the iCloud. Apple TV also streams a few other online media services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV.

Apple TV Top Movies

You can stream Music, videos and photos from iOS devices using AirPlay.

Apple TV Streams Video and Pictures from your iDevice

The Apple TV box has not changed since the second generation, the hardware inside has been upgraded from A4 chipset to the A5 Chipset. This upgrade allows streaming video at a higher resolution 1080p as apposed to 720p.

Apple TV Box

The Apple TV’s design is seen as the best around. Its a simple small black box and has a small white light at the front when the device is turned on. On the back of the box it has the following ports.

* Power cord
* Optical Audio
* Network
* Wifi 802.11n – There is not port for it have ever it is built in.

The unit doesn’t come with an HDMI cable so make sure you buy one other wise you will be in for a rude shock when you go to plug this unit in.

The Apple TV also comes with a small brushed aluminium remote that has only 4 buttons. A navigation circle at the top, which you can press to move up and down and left to right, a Menu button which works as a Back button, and a Play Pause button.

Apple TV Remote

If you download the Apple remote control app you can control the Apple TV with your iPhone or iPad.
Over all the Apple TV seems to be a solid streaming device and if you have other iDevices like iPhone and iPod its probably worth looking into it. However the lack of a USB port for me is disappointing as it means you cannot plug an external USB hard drive directly into the device.

How to Change Your Default Browser on an Android Device

This video will show you how to change the default browser on your Android Device.
If you don’t like the stock standard default Android browser, you can change if for Free in the Google Apps Store.
Once you download the free browser, make sure you set it to the default browser so that you can use it every time you use the internet.

Step 1. Open up the Google Play Store and do a search for Browsers.

Android Browser Search on Google Play

Step 2. Select the browser you want to install and press Install.

Install Android Browser

Step 3. Go back to your Home screen and tap into the Google search bar.

Android Browser Google Search

Step 4. Search for anything in the search bar and then press the Search Button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Android Google Search Bar Results

Step 5. Put a tick in the checkbox that says “Use by default for this action.” And then press the Browser that you want to be the Default Browser.

Android Browser Set Default Button

And that’s all you need to do. Changing the default web browser will give you greater functionality like being able to create new tabs more easily.

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How to Save Battery Power on an Android Device

If you have been using your Android device for a while you might have noticed that it started out with really good battery life but over time, the battery life doesn’t seem to be as good as it was. It could be that the battery is slowly dying and all of them do that, however it could be that you have loads of apps running in the back ground and all of your services on.

This guide will give you some helpful tips on how to save your battery life. A few small tips will have your Android device lasting for day!! Well maybe not that long. 😉

Step 1. Have your phone tell you what is using up the most power.
Go into Settings, About Phone, Battery Use. On my phone the app Whatsapp was using 66% of the battery. So turning off Whatsapp would help me get more battery life out of the phone.

Android Battery Use

Step 2. Tell your Android device to use 2G only or use GSM over WCDMA.
Only do this if you don’t need access to 3G or 4G high speed data.
Go into Settings, Wireless and Network, Mobile networks and select your network mode.

Android Network Mode

Step 3. Reduce your display brightness.
Settings, Display, Brightness.
Slide brightness slider all the way to the left and it will help you save power when you are reading the phone. Most of the time people can still read the phone without needing the brightness up high.

Android Screen Brightness

Step 4. Always try to use a black background or wallpaper. Settings, Display, Wallpaper.
Here is a sample below but you can find loads of black backgrounds on Google images.

Android Black Background Wallpaper

You can also set as your default home page. is a black background search engine webpage by Google and its built especially for mobile devices it allows you to search the web without using so much power on your phone. Awesome idea.

Google Black

Step 5. Adjust your screen timeout to the shortest time Possible. Settings, Display and then Screen Timeout.

Android Screen Timeout

Step 6. Turn off your WIFI when you are not using it. Settings, Wireless and network, WIFI settings.

Android WIFI Settings

Step 7. Turn off your Bluetooth when you are not using it. Settings,Wireless and network, Bluetooth settings.

Android Bluetooth Settings

Step 8. Turn off your GPS. If your GPS is turns on it is constantly looking for satellites which takes up battery power. Settings, Location and Security, Use GPS Satellites.

Android GPS Settings

Step 9. Use Power apps and widgets. There are loads of free and paid apps that control all sorts of stuff.
The two that you should take a look at are:
* Power control Widget
* Power management
* Null BLack Wallpaper

Android Power Apps

Step 10. Turn off phone vibration. Settings, Sound, Vibrate. And set vibrate to never. You have the following options Always, Never, Only in Silent mode and Only when not in Silent mode.

Android Vibrate

Step 11. Turn off all your applications when you don’t need them. Settings, Applications, Manage Applications. Press Running and then press and Stop any applications that you don’t need.

Android Applications

Step 12. Put your phone in standby mode when you are no longer using it.
Press the Power button on your device when you are finished using it as it will use less power if you get into this habit.

Android Power Button

Step 13. Take your USB charger with your where ever you go as there are Free USB ports everywhere! Allot of Airlines these days have free USB ports so that you can charge your Android device while flying.
Free USB Ports

Step 14. A spare battery can be a lifesaver if you just so happen to run out of Power. Spare ones can be picked up from websites like ebay.

Hope that helps guys.
Good Luck 🙂

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How to change the Screen Timeout on Android

This video will show you how to set the Screen Time out on Android.

Hi All
One of the biggest killers of battery life is the screen timeout, so I have make a quick video on how to change the screen timeout on your Android device to save battery!!! 🙂

step 1. Go into your phone menu and tap settings.

Android Settings Menu

Step 2. Tap on display.

Android Display Menu

Step 3. Scroll down and press the screen timeout button.

Android Screen Timeout Menu

Step 4. Select how long you want the time out to be. Remember the shorter the timeout set the more battery life you will have on your Android device. You should have the following Timeout choices.
* 15 seconds
* 30 seconds
* 1 minute
* 2 minutes
* 10 minutes
* Never turn off

Android Select Screen Timeout Menu

Hope that helps you increase your battery life ! 🙂
Good luck

How to turn off Autocorrect on an iPhone iPod Touch

This video will show you how to turn off Autocorrect on an iPhone/iPod Touch.
What is Autocorrect?
Autocorrect is a feature in found in the texting part of all smart phones. It provides and automatic “spell-check” which allows the user to correct the spelling of words automatically.
Some people love this feature while others hate is as it can suggest the wrong words and cause the user to write incorrect and funny sentences. Another issue is that the iPhone and the iPod don’t have a very good autocorrect function.
The steps below will show you how to fine tune or turn off autocorrect.

Step 1. Tap on the settings icon.

Settings Menu

Step 2. Scroll down and tap the general button.

General Menu iPhone

Step 3. Scroll down and tap on Keyboard.

iPhone Keyboard Menu

Step 4. Toggle the on off button to turn Autocorrect on or off.

Autocorrect iPhone

If you want to turn the Autocorrect feature back on simply follow the steps above and set the button to from Off to On.

WIFI speed test comparison between iPhone3G, iPhone4S and Samsung Galaxy S

This video will show you a WIFI speed test comparison between iPhone3G, iPhone4S and Samsung Galaxy S.

Hi All
So I have created this video which shows the wireless speeds of iPhone3G, iPhone4S and Samsung Galaxy S. I was asked what is the performance of the iPhone 3G when running the Whited00r 6 firmware.
I am using an the app which can be downloaded from iTunes store.
Speed Test App

However the app wont work for the old iPhone 3G so I was able to download and use it from the Time Machine store which is one of the features in the Whited00r 6 firmware.

Time Machine

Anyway let get moving on the results.

iPhone 3G Ping 49 ms, Download 5.75 Mbps, Upload 0.82 Mbps.
iPhone 4S Ping 17 ms, Download 10.12 Mbps, Upload 0.98 Mbps.
Samsung Galaxy SPing 17 ms, Download 9.60 Mbps, Upload 0.96 Mbps.

The Wifi speed on the iPhone 3G is half as slow as the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S. Both the 4S and the Samsung were able to max out my Adsl line at 10 Mbps.

So the Wifi for the iPhone 3G is still good enough to use.