Boot Camp Drivers

If you own a Mac and you wanted to install Windows on it to run maybe some Windows software or games, Apple makes it possible by releasing Windows drivers which will allow Windows to run on your Mac computer.

Since 123myIT has some videos on how to install Windows on your Mac we thought it fitting that we create a page which contains all the versions of the Windows Support Software in one place.

The following downloads contain the Windows Support Software (Windows Drivers) needed to run Windows on your Mac.

Windows Support Software Downloads
Boot Camp Drivers Download 5.1.5640
Boot Camp Drivers Download 5.1.5621
Boot Camp Drivers Download 5.0.5033
Boot Camp Drivers Download 4.0.4326
Boot Camp Drivers Download 4.0.4255
Boot Camp Drivers Download 4.0.4033

Which Boot Camp supports your model of Mac?
Click the links below to see which version of Boot Camp you need for your Model of Mac.
MacBook Pro
MacBook Air
Mac mini
Mac Pro

Want to know how to install Windows on a Mac check out the videos below.
Install Windows 8.1 on a MacBook Air no DVD drive
How to install Windows 8.1 on a Mac running OS X Mavericks
How to install Windows 8 on a Mac with Boot Camp Easy Version
General Boot Camp questions about installing Windows 8 on a Mac

The list above should be up to date. If we have missed any version please contact us.

234 thoughts on “BOOT CAMP DRIVERS

  1. Greetings. I am in the process of trying to get windows 7 onto my MacBPro, running 10.9.4. I have purchased Windows 7, downloaded it & have an .iso file.
    I followed the instructions in bootcamp(gotten all proper windows updates) and utilized your bit of code to get bootcamp to create a bootable disc from the iso file and put it on a USB, which it does successfully. When I proceed to partition my drive through bootcamp, it stops me & says there is no bootable disc detected, pls install disc.
    Through my research I have also installed rEFIt and using disk utility partitioned my drive and bypass bootcamp. When I start my mac, I get the rEFIt option to install windows from my USB, but in doing so it cannot find the BOOTMGR file.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  2. Greetings, I downloaded Windows 8.1 pro successfully but I’m having problems with the Internet connection. I have a MacBook Pro mid 2012 version and Im not sure which set of drivers should I download. One more thing,once downloaded what am I supposed to do? Thank you again!

  3. Hi,

    I bought an official Windows 8 from Microsoft, I follow you videos of how to installed windows 8 on my macbook pro 13 inc retina late 2013. OS X Yosemite . So I install Windows 8 successfully.

    every thing on windows 8 going well, except the WiFi & Sounds not working.

    I checked your feed back on this you inform others people to download the latest BootCamp, So I already download it, then what next ??

  4. Hey,

    I have Installed WIndows 8.1 using your method..But when i install Bootcamp Drivers..It installs them for a while and then screen goes black (when it is installing graphic drivers) and nothing happens eventually i have to restart my mac and then after the windows logo again that black screen appears..!
    Any Suggestions ?

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to partition windows on a mac but whenever I try to partition it simply says your disk could not be partitioned and I do have a windows 7 disk. Thanks.

    • Hello Eric
      try partitioning it using Disk Utility. then make a bootable USB with your preferred Windows Image. restart your Mac and as soon as you hear the startup chimes press and hold the ALT/OPT key until your partitions popup.

  6. Hi. I’m having some trouble downloading Windows 8.1 into my mac. I bought windows 8.1 from the microsoft page but can’t use it due to being microsoft software. Then I creating the installation media for windows 8.1 but it also does not work due to no being mac software. Hel please?

  7. Hello. Since I installed Windows 8.1 via Bootcamp on my iMac (late 2013) my Facetime HD camera isn’t working as well, as it should, every picture / video it takes is very dark and not useful for me anymore, do you have any ideas how to fix this? Greetings, Valentin

  8. Hello,
    Thanks for the guide.

    Question: I have bootcamp installed with win7 just for gaming…
    and I was wondering should or shouldn’t I update my Nvidia graphics drivers directly from Nvidia website or just stick to Apples’s old version, that came with the bootcamp drivers and wait till next bootcamp driver update?
    I want to get the best performance/machine health possible.

  9. Hello, I installed windows7 to my macbook pro(2014) running on Yosemite. Everything seems working fine, but I can’t see the OSX partition on windows, so I can’t access my files, while the BootCamp is visible on mac side. What did i do wrong while installing windows and how can I fix this problem. Thanks a lot

    • HI Gulnaz
      Nothing while installing Windows. More over your MAC hard drive wasn’t formatted in the correct format to allows Windows to see it.
      HSF format I think is the correct one.

  10. Hi i want to install Win 8.1 Pro on my Late 2014 Mac Mini .
    Does it support it ? As i was not able to find any boot camp drivers for it

  11. My High definition audio controller isnt working, it has a yellow triangle and says “device cannot start, (code 10)” any help apreciated.

    mid 2011 imac 27″

  12. Hey, I have Windows 8.1 on my OS X Yosemite now thanks to your amazing video! Just one issue, the sound won’t work, I tried downloading the suggested drivers but they always get about 90% complete and then says “Failed to download” Any suggestions? Maybe even a short video? Much appreciated, thanks again.

  13. Hi! I installed windows 8.1 on my late 2011 13.3 macbook pro running the latest version of Yosemite. Everything is ok except for the trackpad. The left click isn’t working, the scrolling is inverted and I can’t use light touches on the trackpad as a normal click (like on OSX). I would really aprecciate some help. Thanks!

  14. Hi. I already downloaded windows 8.1 (64-bit). And was in the process of making a bootable usb with the boot camp assistant but it prompts me with this message: Boot Camp only supports 64-bit Windows installation on this platform. Please use a ISO file for 64-bit Windows installation. I have a Macbook Air 10.9.2-early 2014. Please help. thanks

  15. I recently purchased windows 8.1 from the microsoft store and I own a late 2013 iMac 21.5″. When I try to download the setup file from the store, the mac says that it cannot run micrsoft products. I have tried changing that file into an iso. and I have tried running that iso into bootcamp but nothing will work. There are no videos on how to install windows from a digital download.

  16. Hey Matt! So after purchasing windows 8.1 from the online store, It has an installation file that is the setup to get windows installed. When I download that setup, it is an exe file and cannot be opened because “microsoft products are not supported on OS X.”

  17. If I have a 2015 Macbook Air does the driver let me download windows 8 for free? Also can you release a video on how to install the windows 8 using the boot camp drivers for 2015 Macbook Air?

  18. Hey Matt I have been trying to send this multple times but never a reply so i think its not going through. So after purchasing windows 8.1 from the online store, It has an installation file that is the setup to get windows installed. When I download that setup, it is an exe file and cannot be opened because “microsoft products are not supported on OS X.”

      • ok awesome! I watched the video but when it asks where you want to save the installation file you chose USB. Do i choose USB as well to transfer to my iMac? Because I can only install windows with an ISO file but my iMac does not have a DVD drive. and when you enter the product key while on PC, will it start to download windows to that PC?

  19. Got it to work, but one problem! On my PC when I went to this website and clicked create media installation, I chose ISO file and saved that ISO to my flashdrive, which I then plugged into my iMac so I could use that ISO in Bootcamp. Everything installed except the bootcamp drivers never came up during the installation so I cant connect to the internet while in windows 8.1. Was I not supposed to create an ISO file?

  20. Amigo sou Brasileiro, e queria sua atenção. Pelo Boot Camp não consegui de jeito nem um estalar o windows 8.1 pois optei em particionar meu HD com 20 GB no formato do windows e dar o Boot na maquina direto pelo pendrive, estalei tranquila mente o windows, mas fiquei sem som e sem internet, tem algum jeito de baixar esses drives pelo Mac e passar parra o pendrive depois escutar no windows ? Ou seja agora estou com windows e o OS X como opção de boot mas o windows não funciona som nem internet.

  21. Hi Matt
    Everything OK with the Windows 7 Pro, except that the BootCamp Drivers regarding the keys & mouse do not work. So I can not have the “tap”, the right click etc. The keys for volume, brightness etc. do not work as well.
    Please advise…
    I used the relevant Bootcamp version for my MacbookPro.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi,

    I just installed the windows 10 preview alongside of OSX Yosemite on my Macbook Pro. When I loaded up windows, it seems like windows isn’t seeing the internet card. It just doesn’t connect. It doesn’t seem to recognize the hardware. Is there a missing driver or is this something I just have to deal with?

      • yes, that is correct, but I actually was able to find a solution to the problem. This worked for me. Now I just need to find the drivers for my speakers, and mic, but I’ll do that another day

        This is what I did

        Broadcom 802.11ac card. You should be able to force the driver install from within windows.

        Pull up device manager, right click update driver software on the device and select browse my computer for driver software.
        On the bottom of the next screen select let me pick from a list.. select network adapters then Broadcom on the left and then Broadcom 802.11ac network adapter. You may need to force the driver install since it is not detecting the device.

        I had to force it to install, but it worked flawlessly once I did

        • Hi Estian
          That will work yes, but you might find it doesn’t work for all drivers. In this case you would have to try the boot camp drivers.

  23. Hi, i want to ask
    My Mac is 21.5 inch Mid 2010 and the Bootcamp drivers in your site is Windows 7, but i want to install Windows 8.1. Is it possible to install Windows 8.1 if my drivers is Windows 7 ?

  24. I was wondering if you could make a tutorial video on resizing the amount of a hard drive when it’s partitioned. I partitioned my macbook a while ago and added windows 8. Now, I’ve come to realized that I’m going to have to add more memory to the windows hard drive, but I’m not sure how to do this.


    Bladimir Hernandez

    • HI Bladimir Hernandez
      Basically no. You need to make sure you select the correct size when you create the Windows partition first up. There is some 3rd party tools that may do this. However this is not something that I will help people with.
      If you want to resize the partition properly I suggest removing the boot camp partition and reinstalling the Windows all over again.
      How to Remove Boot Camp Partition
      Make sure you do a back up of your Windows data before you try this.

      • I have a couple of questions. If I back up my data with an external hard drive, can I use only one external hard drive for both Yosemite and Windows 8?
        And if I decide to remove the boot camp partition and reinstall it, will I be allowed to use the same product key for windows 8 as I did the first time?

        • Umm no and yes.
          Back up will only do OS X files.
          and as long as you use the product key with the Windows software is intended for it will reinstall.

  25. Please i want to install windows 8 on my MacBook Air but am stuck at downloading support software cause my internet is supper slow 45kps..i already have the offline version of my PC support system software…pls how can I untike download support software when I want to create bookable penbdrive

    • HI Kingsley Oladunmoye
      There should be a tick which you can remove which says “Download Windows support software” IF you untick this it will remove that need to download the software.

  26. Hey, I have a mid 2015 MacBook Pro and I have Windows 8.1 downloaded onto it through bootcamp assist. I tried downloading the driver BootCamp5.1.5640 and it says that this driver doesnt work for this computer model. I was able to go in and manually add some and some worked (like the volume, bluetooth, etc), but the wifi DOES NOT work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  27. Hi,
    I’m using Apple macbook pro later 15.
    Would you please let me know how to update apple bootcamp?

    I have downloaded bootcamp 5.1.5640 but I can’t install it.
    Please help me.

  28. Has anyone had luck installing windows 7 on the new macs? (in a different partition from osx), i know apple ‘dropped support’, but there’s gotta be a way!

  29. Hi matt i install windows 8.1 into my mac book air mid 2011.
    then when im gonna check the drivers there’s no soud driver (high definetion audio driver and when i try to update it they said my driver is up to date already. try to direct download the lastest driver but still the same problem. Please help me.


  30. Dear Sir,

    I had install windows 8.1 and boot camp 6.0, after install, i reboot my MAC, and now its stuck at windows logo. What was wrong? I’m using macbook PRO 13 inch mid 2012

    Surianto Zheng

  31. Hi,
    I have installed Win7 on my Macbook Pro – the installation runs perfectly, however, it seems like the network-connection is not able to function. It has a red cross over it, and won’t even find wi-fi signals or react when I put in the ethernet.
    Do you what to do?
    BR, Anders

  32. Hey!, I have a mid 2010 21.5″iMac and I was able to run the windows 10 on the mac, it runs amazingly well! fast too! but I only have this installed for games, and sometimes when downloading a game the computer will say something has crashed, it tells me the error code: IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE and then it will restart.. what am I to do to fix such issue?

  33. Hi Matt,
    I’m having trouble with bootcamp/windows. Boot camp assistant keeps telling me that the windows installer disk can not be found. When I get to the “save windows support software” section it recognises the destination usb drive but not the windows iso.
    Mid 10 iMac
    64 bit version
    I have copied windows 10 to a dvd
    Usb has been formatted to ms-dos fat/master boot record

    not sure what else.

  34. I want to know if I may install Windows 8 or 10 for my 15 inch MacBook Pro early 2011? I’m using OS X El Capitan version 10.11.2.
    Please let me know thank you.


  35. hello.i install windows seven in my macbook pro mid 2007 and install the bootcamp drivers but the sound not working.can you help me?thanks

  36. I have a retina macbook 2015 and i need the drives for its is it possible to get it somewhere other than apple due to their slow speed serves

  37. i have MacBook Pro Early 2015 EI capitan 10.11.5 . i install windows 8.1 on my Toshiba external hard drive and this is working in mac . but windows front too small and now i download bootcamp support 5.1.5640 but it didn’t work … my bootcamp assistant ver 6.0.1 . so how to get actual version of boot camp support software? .. plz help me

  38. Hello. I have a Macbook Pro Early 2011 that I installed Windows 7 while back with use of Bootcamp 4 version. Later, I upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed a lot of BSODs. After some research I realized I didn’t upgrade Bootcamp to 5.1 version, so when I tried to see I found the bootcamp.exe was always crashing my computer. I tried to upgrade to version 5.1.5621 but I always get an error message that this version is incompatible with my computer, and the same story with other versions. So, I tried to uninstall the bootcamp 4.1 version and I got an error message that in order to do it I must run Windows 7. I forcefully removed the bootcamp software and drivers from my system and now I’m stuck with system that overheats and all the Keyboard Function keys are not working and there’s no backlight as well. I don’t want to reinstall Windows, what other course of action can You suggest?

    • Hi Robert,
      Problem with this is mainly versions. So you are running older Mac that boot camp doesn’t support Windows 10. Look Windows will run on most hardware. But the mismatch in the drivers maybe a problem.
      I would advise backup your laptop data. Remove Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 8.1. That way you know at least you will have the proper support for your Mac and should run pretty well.
      Look here for the supported OS.
      MacBook Pro
      Good luck mate !


  39. Thank You very much Matt for your speedy reply. While I appreciate your input, I just didn’t want to reinstall the Win 10, let alone downgrade to Win 8.1. I understood that my Late 2011 wasn’t on Apple’s support list, so I dug a little deeper and found a great post that had a workable solution for my specific case: I ran a Win Install/Uninstall Fix it Solution that removed the corrupted BootCamp 4 and I was able to install BootCamp 6 via workaround. So, all great here! Thanks again.

  40. hello there 123myIT,

    i have a problem i have a macbook air 13 inch early 2015!bersion 10.10.5 i ady downloaded windows 10 isi file and when it comes to partition the disk it pop up some message error it’s said the

    The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved.

    Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.

    can u help me fix my problem ty really appreciated

  41. i would like to install windows onto external drive and I am using a windows pc can i use this boot camp on windows??

  42. hi im trying to install win8 on mac .while im downloading windows support software it takes much time .is there any alernate to skip this step and install win 8 on this mac

  43. Hi…, there is no boot camp driver for win 10 for macbook air 13″ early 2015?
    What is the mean of BCA?? thank….

  44. Greeting sir ..
    I was try to install windows 8.1 with assistant bootcamp
    I used 8 gb usb and finish ..
    But , when i collecting information ( step 1 )
    I see
    Drive 0 partion 1
    Drive 0 partion 2
    Drive 0 partion 3
    And no bootcamp there ..
    Please help me ..

  45. is the version for mac pro 13 early 15 is correct as it shows name 123myIT_BCD whereas all the rest shows proper versioning?
    also is there a good guide that follow this download to install win 10?

    cheers and great work helping others

  46. Hi 123myIT,
    Im Jay from Philippines. I did install window 7 ultimate on my iMac early 2009 running in 64bit. I did download all the necessary software. But when I try to play a Music or Music video, no sounds coming out on my iMac? I did also try to use headphones, but still no sounds at all.
    Can you please help me with this?

    Waiting for your positive response on this!

    Thank you!

  47. Hey it seems like you know a lot!

    Could you please give me a hand here:

    These are obsolete macs but I still have love for them…


  48. hi i have win 8.1 and my laptop is macbook pro 8,1 2011 all drive are working but sound cart not work ? please tell me about this problem how can i fix it ?

  49. would you help me please i have macbook air 11 inch late 2010 i try to install window 7 when open boot camp and continue i got two options
    1 download the latest windows supp,
    2 install window 7
    than continue window pop up, The installer dis could not be found.
    all ready i have window 7 ISO and also window support software from Apple in USB on my mac desktop

  50. Hi I’m using a macbook pro and I formatted the hard drive and installed only windows 8. I’m now running windows 8 on Mac without a Mac osx software. But my problem is I can’t get the drivers for the Mac especially my sound and VGA and keypard drivers arent working . please I need help ? I only want to use windows with out Mac osx on the PC ?

  51. Hi, I am trying to install Win Pro 8.1 on my macbook pro (Early 2015, Yosemite) and can’t get the .cdr file to finish. Instead it gives an input/output error. Or if one pops up it has none of the files needed from the installation disk. I’ve tried following the steps on apple support and the steps from this website and nothing seems to work! Please tell me what I’m doing wrong! side note: The win pro 8.1 installation disk is for OEM Software… does this make a difference in the download process?

  52. i install win8.1 on macbook air early 2015 but can download the bootcamp pls help. i dnt no how to download it, is not on 123myit help

  53. after boot camp downloaded all window 10 drive and install in partition. I can’t see it when hold down the alt option key after remove the drive. please help

  54. Salut j’ai un macbook pro mi 2012
    J’ai installé windows 10 1809 sans boot camp
    Jai telecharger ensuite les pilotes windows viz boot camp sur une cle windows
    J’ai installé ces pilotes dans windows j’ai un probleme de son dans windows les pilotes du son a jour mais de son
    J’ai remarqué que ma version de boot camp dans mon mac high sierra est 6.1 alors que pour mon mac il faut la version 5.15621
    J’ai telecharger cette version pour l’installer dans windows mais impossible il me dit une version plus recente est deja installée
    Aidez moi s’il vous plait

  55. Hello i have an early macbook pro 2011 with OS X el capitan, and i downloaded boot camp but then an error pops up saying that i couldn’t open the application because it’s not supported by OS X. what do i do next? im trying to install windows 7

  56. Hi,
    I am trying to make a Bootable Windows USB. My Bootcamp isn’t working, so I had to do it using unetbootin. I created the drive, but I need the propper drivers to install windows. Where can I get those elsewhere(because my bootcamp wont work)?

  57. Hi I have downloaded and installed windows 10 via Bootcamp on my Mac. When I reboot and start the Windows drive to install Windows, my build in MacBook trackpad and keyboard doesn’t work anymore.

    I’m trying to install Windows 10 on my 2017 macbook pro

  58. I’m using MacBook A1181. now i just install windows 10 in it. but all driver i install and working fine. but my camera still not working. can you please give me some advice for that.

    thank you!

  59. i have 13in mid 2012 MacBook Pro, i installed windows 10 but it keeps on crashing after a few minutes of usage with error “kernel security check failure” is there any solution for this and which version of windows would you recommend for my model

  60. I am trying to get Windows 8.1 64-bit on my iMac mid-2011. I was able to rewrite boot camp on High Sierra OS X to allow for a bootable USB to work to install the ISO file and even got windows all the way installed. After installing bootcamp 6.1.0, I keep getting the error KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE and the machine goes into a restart loop every time I log into windows. I’m guessing it is because some of the drivers aren’t working, and I’ve tried everything the windows side to try and get it to work (safe mode reboot, verifier in command prompt, etc.). Do you have any idea what to do?

    • Just make sure the Mac OS is the correct one for the Windows version you are trying to install. You can get the boot camp drivers from your boot camp assistant on your mac.

  61. Hi i have my good old 2010 MacBook and i want to install either xp or vista but i really want vista but i dont found the bootcamp 3.1 support drivers please soon can you post the 3.1 drivers thx

  62. Hi i have an early 2015 macbook pro. i am trying to install windows 10 iso via boot camp. i launch the boot camp amp, and can not get past the copying windows files screen. when it fails i get the message “your bootable usb drive could not be created an error occurred while copying the windows installation files.

    please help

  63. THANK YOU SO MUCH – SOUND and MOUSE RrightCLICK are working
    (gotta install the Bootcamp.msi from an admin rights command line)

    I recently started servicing old macbooks, and they all have busted Hard drives or m.2 ssd’s that which ive replaced with new ones.
    Customers don’t want to deal with OSX, and getting the Bootcamp drivers from MACINTOSH seems nearly impossible unless the system is already running OSX.
    Also the internet OS installer never works on these old models 2011-2015 and i tried countless usb’s to make a bootable installer with many dmg images of the osx installer.
    SO yeah, I Image/clone a MBR windows 10 install from another pc into these drives and they boot fine.

  64. Thank you for the Bootcamp Assistant! I bought an Apple iMac from 2010 but Apple only gives the bootcamp assistant for Windows 7 and not for Windows 10.
    The W7 Bootcamp drivers do not work with W10.

  65. hello, i chance the HD, wich i was using in my macbook pro A1278. so now am using in my Macbook another HD with windows 10 instaled in hp computer. how can get drive in this macbook?

  66. troquei o disco duro porque aquele que estava no macbook pro tinha problema. coloquei outro que eu usava num computador de hp. pois ja tinha windows 10 instalado…agora estou a ter problemas com drives de audio, mouse e mais… como obter os drivers?

  67. Hi, I am having problem with my Mac machine model: macbook 2,1 (256gb HD, 4gb RAM) having OS X 10.7.5 Lion. The problem is it’s Saffari, AppStore, and iTunes are not working properly, beside this firefox and chrome latest versions also not compatible, now I want to use Windows 7 beside the existing macOS. I installed Windows10 64bit, the drivers were not working than I had to remove windows and restore my machine back to it’s old macOS from Time Machine. The main problem is when I try to install and update WindowsSpport from Bootcamp it’s unsuccesful, fails. So basically Bootcamp is also not working in my machine.
    Please help me so I would be able to use dual OS (win7/win10 and macOS) on the same machine.

    Best regards,

  68. Hola, compre un MacBook Pro con sistema operativo windows 10 pro, no estoy seguro del modelo creo que es una 8.1 del 2012 o 2013, estaba encantado con su funcionamiento pero cuando traté de conectarme a mi tv con un cable HDMI mediante un adaptador por el puerto thumberbolt no pude hacerlo, parece que el puerto quedó deshabilitado al instalarle windows, por favor alguien que sepa que debo hacer

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