iRobot Roomba 637 – The Best RoboVac?

Unboxing of the iRobot Roomba 637

In this video we will take a look at the iRobot Roomba 637. This is the base model of the iRobot Roomba range but does a great job of cleaning.

When you start looking at the iRobot Roomba vacuums there is actually six different models and they all have different features like scheduling, WIFI connection and tangle free brushes.

iRobot Roomba Virtual Wall.

The iRobot Roomba comes with a Virtual wall which is just an invisible sensor that stops the vacuum from going into a certain areas. You can use this device to block off parts of your floor like stairs or cables.

irobot roomba
Virtual wall that stops the RoboVac from going to areas you don’t want it to.

Stop it going where you don’t want it to go!

The docking station also has a sensor on it so you can use the docking station to stop the RoboVac going to an area which you don’t want to. So in my case I stopped it from going near my dog door.

But if you want the RoboVac to do a really good job. Just pick up anything that might get in its way. Think about how you can make your own Vacuuming job allot easier and faster by pickup clothes, kids toys. Its the same deal with the RoboVac. Because the easier you make the job for the RoboVac, the better job it will do.

If it doesn’t have to stop and go around objects then it will clean allot more space faster and do a much better job. This model does a really well along edges as well. It has a little brush that sweeps any dirt from the edges of walls and cabinets and then that dust is sucked up by the main rollers of the RoboVac.

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$20 Strip Light vs $200 Strip Light – Philips Hue

This video and article will compare a $20 Strip Light vs $200 Strip Light.
The two Strip Lights I am going to compare today are the Philips Hue, which needs a network bridge and a generic $20 Strip Light. The later you can get off Amazon or eBay.
So the starting price for the generic strip lighting is $20 and the Philips Hue range will be around $200. This will depend on which country you are from.
If we take a look at the $20 strip light first. The box contains the RGB Control Box. This control box allows us to power the strip lighting and it also allows us to use the infrared remote control to change the colour of the LED strip.

The remote control is a nice feature as it allows you to start using the strip light straight away without the need to download an app on your phone. What if you don’t have a phone? 🙂 However on the Philips Hue range you need to have a phone and a phone app to be able to customise the lighting.

Depending on your lighting needs this can be a hassle. I know personally it was much easier for me to pick up a remote press two buttons for my background video lighting. But for the Philips Hue I would have to pick up my phone open my phone press on the app.

The other big issue I found was that the Philips Hue app didn’t have allot of functionality and rather to get great app features you would have to pay a 3rd party fee for a better app with more functions. Personally I found this annoying for what I needed the strip light to do. But if you have a big light show production with many lights I can see how having 1 phone with an app would be very handy comparing it to maybe five or 10 different remotes.

Another benefit of the Philips Hue range over the Generic range is the quality. The Philips strip come wrapped in protective plastic and would be less likely to brake. Where as the generic brand doesn’t have this protective cover and could break.

Light Strip
Light Strips side by side with the Philips phone app and Generic remote control.

Lastly the quality of the colour thrown out by the Philips brand is much brighter and I have been told it throws out a True colour.

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