How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death.

NOTE: If you have bricked the following models you can find the article on how to fix them here.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus, GT-I9250, GT-I9100G, GT-I9300 and S3 GT-I9300

This video will show you how to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death. The black screen of death can display in two forms. One a as a black screen with a little mobile phone ! and computer on it and the other as just a black screen with no light or anything on it.

Samsung black screen of death

At any rate the way to tell if you phone is totally broken is to first of all make sure you have enough battery.
To do this remove the back cover of your phone and reseat the battery so that you are sure the phone is getting power and that the battery has not just gone flat for because the contacts are not touching correctly. Then charge your phone and leaving it charging for a few hours.

If that doesn’t work, the next step is to try removing the sim card and storage cards remove the battery and leave them out for about 5 seconds. Replace only the battery and charge it again. If you still have no luck here but you are sure the battery is charging there is a way to test that its still alive.

If you are using Windows, Go to the start menu and right click Computer and open Device Manager, and plug your phone out of the USB port and plug it back in. If the device manager makes a noise or moves as if its installing a driver the chances are the device is still working.
Try putting your phone into Download mode by holding down Power, Home and the Volume down buttons. Hold these buttons down until you see the following screen.

Samsung S Download Mode

Once you have it in download mode there is a good change you can reload the firmware. To do this you can following my video here.
If you want to know how to root the Samsung see the video here.
How to put a Samsung Galaxy S into download mode here.

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  1. my phone is like the screen is black but it stillworks i take out the battery and still it wont work i turn it back on i can hear the sound when it turns on but i cant see any thing i just can hear it but the screen is just black

    • I’m having the same problem with my phone… I still hear all my messages and my phone rings, it’s just the screen remains black. I’ve tried everything they said on the internet and nothing will take the black screen away. Sprint insisted that it was the memory card in my phone was old and was the cause of this issue but I beg to differ.

        • I have a Galaxy S phone, just S not S3, S4, S5, or any other number or symbol following the S. I am experiencing the black screen of death and all the symptoms described in this thread – the menu, home, back and search features light up at the bottom of the phone and I can hear the phone coming on, can hear incoming calls, etc. Simultaneously holding the power off, volume down and the home icon at the bottom of the phone does nothing; does not take the phone into Download Mode as shown on the video. Any other suggestions as to how to fix this black screen problem? I have plugged the phone into my computer with the USB port and gone to the Device Manager and it responds to that test.

          • Also, the phone has the wonderful slide out keyboard for ease of typing instead of having to use the on-screen keyboard. I love it and they don’t make these models anymore so I am really hoping the screen can be fixed. One blog I read said you can also go into the Download mode with this phone by holding the power key and the number 1 on the slide out keyboard. Unfortunately, that did nothing either.

          • Hi Lorrie M
            If it worked in device manager then its a good chance that the rest of the phone is ok Maybe just a hardware issue with the screen.

        • hey I have the exact same problem. everything works but my screen is black. i didnt drop my phone, it just happened. my phone does connect to my laptop. what should i do

    • Im having the same problem. The phone works fine, the home back, search button light up, but the screen doesnt. Its hardware not software. Guessing the LCD is broken. I was hoping there was a way to see if its broken or disconnected.
      Dont mean to be a dick but this question is asked repeatedly and the only response is did you take the battery out for 5 min.

      • Hi ryan
        Do you have any suggestions that people could try otherwise? Your feedback would be very welcome.
        Also if you have some time to commit to helping people solve their hardware issues that would also be very welcome. On another topic I am looking to setup a forum where by people with simular issues can share the fixes that have worked for them. Do you think that would be something useful?

    • I am having a similar problem, my screen is black, I have an s4, my bottom two buttons are flashing on and off once every minute, and there is a red light at the top of my phone. please help

      • Hi Elisabeth
        Depends if the issue is hardware or software. The Red light indicates the following.


        · Glows red when the device is connected to a charger and is charging.

        · Blinks red when the device is connected to a charger but there is a problem with charging.

        · Blinks red when the battery is low.

        You might have an issue with the charger. Can you try a different one?

  2. I have the screen of death. I was browsing the internet on my phone (samsung galaxy s4) when the screen suddenly went very bright, then white and then black. I thought it was turning off but it still appears to be on. The two buttons at the bottom are still lighting up. The phone is still vibrating and making sounds when I get a text but the screen is black. I have tried taking the battery and sim card out and putting them back it but it doesn’t work.

    I have been trying to watch the above video but my computer will only load it half way for some reason.

    I have had my phone for several months now so its not new. Plus have photos and files that I really want to be able to keep if I can.

      • Hi.

        No it doesn’t seem to be showing up. I’ve plugged it in a few times and it vibrates but nothing appears on the computer even after 10 minutes.

          • I have a similar issue, when the phone is plugged into the pc it’s recognized but there are no files. If you are suggesting a hardware issue, can you be more specific? Is it the phone, cracked glass?

          • Hi kc
            Well if it has cracks then that would probably be hardware issue. But anyway have you tried putting the phone into download mode to see if the screen comes back up ?

          • Yes, I’ve tried download mode, but still see nothing but a black screen. The cracks are on the internal screen and are very faint; you have to hold the phone in the right light to see them.

    • I cracked my phone awhile ago but just today ater lunch it went black. I cant get it back to normal at all. I was listening to my music and i had looked at the screen and it was still working but as soon as i walked into the classroom to turn music off the screen wasn’t working.

      I have the samsung galaxy s4

  3. Hi, i am having trouble downloading my phone. i have the black screen, the phone still rings, i hear text coming in, it vibrates put when i push the volume, and home and the power button it does not give me the download image.

      • I have a samsung galaxy 3, I can hear it ring, make noises,and the notification lights are blinking. I can even use the touch screen. But nothing appears on the screen. It vibrates and stuff. Can u help me??

          • yh i have that problem dont know what to do i dropped my samsung galaxy s5 and i could hear that is working but the screen is black what should i do i tryed to take out the battery nothng changed the buttons are on but the screen is black it was an expensive phone and i know that my will tell me off so what should i do i tryed to press the power button but its still black please help

          • Hi Amelia
            It depends if the issue is hardware or software problem. Removing the battery and sim for 5 mins should allow the phone to reset if it is a software issue.
            However if it is a hardware issue it might require some repair to the screen.
            You could try putting the phone into download mode and see if the screen comes up.
            How to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode

            Good luck

  4. My Galaxy S was fine until when I was on a social network and I put it down and it went black but I hear every sign of sound and vibration and I know for a fact my battery is charged and I need help fast

  5. My Galaxy S has a black screen, and the two bottom buttons light up and the LED light still lights up but I also don’t hear anything. It was fine, then I checked it and the screen was black. I took out the battery overnight and I did the volume up-home-power thing.

  6. @123myIT , My Phone still works like a regular phone , the screen is just black. I can’t see anything on it , I can hear texts , calls , etc . But The screen is black. & won’t cut on.

  7. Hi my phone is all black, but the light on the bottom are dtill on and I still can feel thr vibration and I took out the battery and sim card for five minutes but it is still black btw I am using the galaxy s5 please help

    • I am having exact same problem. I was in middle of uploading a lot of pics to Facebook and then it crashed. What worked for you?

      • Hi Jennifer
        Is your device still in the black screen?
        Also try removing the battery and sim for 5 mins then put them back in and try turning the phone back on.
        Let me know if you have any luck,

  8. Hi, i am having trouble with my phone. i have the black screen, i hear text coming in, it vibrates put when i push the volume, and home and the power button it does not give me the download image. I have taken the battery out and put it back in. I can hear it switching on but the screen is still black.

  9. Hello.

    My Galaxy S5 is only about a month old now and earlier today I had experienced some problem with it. I had went to go check a text message and when I hit the power button the screen is black but both buttons on the bottom are glowing. I tried taking out the battery and sim card for 5 minutes and there was no help. I contacted Samsung Customer Support but they just told me to find a place to repair it or send it to them. I do not have a warranty on it and I want to find a way to get this fixed. Please reply ASAP!

    • Hi Sami nolastname
      1 month old all phone should come with one year warranty at the very least?
      When you plug it into a PC does it come up on the usb port that you pluf it into?

      • same problem with Sami . my galaxy s5 suddenly become black screen but both buttons are glowing too. when i touch on the screen it gt sound but cannot see anything but only black screen. i also try to take out the sim card and battery for 5 mins but it not work after put back to phone. When i plug it into PC , it come up usb port but in my device ,its nothing inside.

  10. Hi, i am having trouble with my phone. i have the black screen, i hear text coming in, it vibrates put when i push the volume, and home and the power button it does not give me the download image. I have taken the battery out and put it back in. I can hear it switching on but the screen is still black

  11. Dropped my Samsung galaxy s3. Was fine then screen started turning colors and after a few hours turned black. What can I do?

    • HI Codi Farwell
      Sounds more like hardware issue if the hardware is broken it is harder to fix. However turn the phone off. Remove the battery and sim for 5 mins add them back.
      Try plugging the phone into and turn the phone back on. See if it still comes up black.

  12. Hi I have the same problem with my 1 month old S5 was using it as normal and the screen went very bright and then just went black. the button lights are still on and still can feel vibration of the screen. Tried taking battery out and sim out but with no luck. Phoned Samsung who said to send it to them but will take 10 days and I will loose all my stuff. When i plug it intro PC it does appear on the PC. Pls help

    • Hi Bal Gill
      Yes, if you don’t get any detection when you plug it into your PC then this is really an issue.
      Did you have your information saved to a memory card on the phone? Or to the phones local memory ? The reason I ask is that you might be able to get some of your information from the memory card.
      Good luck,

  13. I did nothing to my phone.

    It is on.
    It charges.
    It vibrates coz there is an SMS there.
    It vibrates when people ring.


    It happened coz I put it on the table. No exciting story *sigh*
    My phone is taunting me, all lit up with its flashing lights saying “haha I am giving you a black screen so that people think your phone is working nah nah nah

    • HI Mikey
      Sorry to hear about your phone is if a software issue you can try turning it off take out the sim and battery for 5 mins add it back it and see if it works.
      However if its a hardware issue this may not fix the issue.

  14. I have a samsung nexus GT-I9250. The display went off a few weeks ago. I switched the motherboard with another friend’s phone(same nexus) to check the display. worked fine. The USB is also detected as OMAP 4440 by the computer. However, the phone doesn’t turn on. Any idea what’s going on?

    No sound,vibration or light. Battery is perfect. All connections are good. Continuity check done.

  15. I have the galaxy s5 It was fine last note plugged it in to charge could hear it making sounds like text messages and such woke up to check them and all can not get phone to wake up black screen

    • Hi tricia
      Try turning the phone off and remove the battery and sim for 5 mins then replace the battery and sim and turn it back on. Let me know if that works.

  16. My gallaxy s3 has come up with a blck screen.its on because the black screen has light but i cant here anything..

  17. hi today i droped my s3 onto grass and i picked it up and it was black now the screen remains black but all my stuff works like bbm facebook and stuff. The LEDS are all ok and i can here notifications. Ive turned it of and on. removed the battery and waited but still nothing please help
    thanks, cam

  18. I have been using Samsung Galaxy 5 since last 1 month but suddenly while watching one video on youtube, it got the black screen after that I tried so many times by removing battery, sim card and SD card, but it’s still shows me black screen. Although I can hear sound and LED is still coming. I can detect this device with my laptop.
    Can you please help me out for this.

  19. Hello,

    Pls my fone is barely 2weeks old s5. The screen dances in its blank state…u know when a TV acts like their power disruption almost lie a cracked Disc. I see just about 10% of the screen at d top. I see SMS alert, wifi signal, battery icon, time icon(just that bit at d very top and that’s all). The rest part is black and shakey.
    Pls help!

  20. Hi my Samsung S4 turned off because the battery died and then i dropped my phone. i charged it for a while and then connected it to the computer and it recognised the phone. it still vibrates and i can still hear that im receiving messages and the home buttons still work but the screen is black. i tried to press the home button, volume and lock button all together several times but nothing happens. i tried taking out the battery and sim card for 5 minutes then put it back in but still doesnt work thanks

    • Hi tez
      It is possible that the phone has hardware damage rather then some software issues.
      Can you see any data on the phone when you plug it into the computer ? Does it come up and you can see the data on the phone?

      • Hi Matt
        No it doesnt show any data on my phone. i did plug it into a computer on friday which has a virus and after that my phone was a bit slow. so i dont know if that may be one of the causes? Thanks!

  21. Hi, i too have the same problem as those above. I have an S4, i sent a text – then i heard a text come through – hello, black screen of death!!! i’ve tried all the above, the battery, the sim and nothing.
    I do however have connected it to the PC and can still see my files – is there a software that i can download that can fix this problem as it seems to me its a software issue.

  22. I removed the battery and turned it on,and did whatever u said.i didn’t drop it from does connect by charges.but still turning colour and blackens.

  23. Has anybody had the black screen after installing the bbm app? I’m just wondering if this is the problem, as I had my s5 mini in for repair last month and I forgot to reinstall the bbm app. Then I installed it a couple of days as ago, my phone has gone to the black screen again twice today.

  24. Same problem…. black screen of death. the phone was not dropped, but does have hairline cracks internally. I took it to a tmobile store and they said it is the cracks causing the problem. Is that possible?

  25. hi i have the Samsung Galaxy s5 and im willing to try this because i have had the black screen problema for about a week already now i took the battery out and im waiting for it to be five minutes i really hope this works

  26. To fix black screen seriously take your phone and wack it real hard off your other hand till it displays…seriously I do this ever time no problem…it’s a loose connection to the motherboard and by wacking it it will connect it again

  27. hi,
    I have the same problem with my samsung s4. It started few days ago. The black screen came out and couldnt do anything for a few minutes but it came back again. Now I cant do anything. I took the battery and sim card out and nothing. When I plug in to my pc I can see the device and all my pictures and stuff too. There is no light showing that the battery is charging though. I did crash my screen few months ago but could still use the touch screen and use it perfectly.
    I can see the little blue light after receiving a message, all the sounds, phone calls, home button etc. Cant answer or check anything.

    Is there any way to fix it via pc????

    • HI jola
      It sounds like there is some hardware damage there so it might be hard to try and fix that with software troubleshooting. However your best bet might be to get all your data off the device and take it to a local repair place to get the device looked at.

  28. my Samsung galaxy s3 mini is still on black screen of death. i have tried everything. it doesn’t light up it just stays black. when i plug it into my laptop it says its loading for a few seconds then goes back to the black screen. please help.

  29. my galaxy s3 had a cracked screen but still worked until it fell.. then my screen turned black. I can still hear sounds and the LED lights still turn on and the two buttons light up. I’m just getting a black screen. I’ve tried taking the battery out for 5 minutes and tried putting it in download mode and nothing seems to work anything else i can try.?

  30. i have samsung galaxy s5, its totally new last time i put it on charging, it was perfectly ok at that time, then i came turn on the phone, opened the gallery and then i switched it off and put it on charge, after some time when i tried to turn it on it was black screen, everything works in it still even when i plug in laptop it also pop up and notify, have also tried 5mins trick but its still stuck. please help me…

  31. I have a galacy s 3 for straighttalk and my son had iy and his spit went in it the screen started freezing and than it wouldnt let my screen swipe so i turned it off and i took apart evrrything and tjere was no water damageso i put everuthing together and turned my phome back on and i can see my screen barely and its like dimm very dimm like its black but i can see my icons and stuff but can make out what icons and idk what is wrong…. please help

  32. I washed my Galaxy S4 in the washing machine (not on purpose). I dried it in a lab drier followed by 5 days in drierite (super lab drying stones). When I hit the power button it makes a solitary vibration and then nothing happens. If I leave it plugged in the notification light will turn green and stay on. Any ideas?

  33. Hello guys, I have the screen of death. Just left it for 30min on top of my desk and when I came back I can see bright light on my screen and then turns black. Then I turn it off coz IDK what is happening on my phone. Still vibrating when I tried to turn on and off, and there’s still red light when I charge it, I still hear all my messages and my phone rings, it’s just the screen remains black. I’ve tried everything they said on the internet and nothing will take the black screen away. But if you have the same problem as mine, I would really appreciate it if you can help me how to fix it. Let me know PLEASE. cry emoticon Thanks!

    – i have Galaxy s4

  34. Got myS4 Active since long. went for undershoot in the Sea… got water by the back casing. Battery the same.. put in rice for 2 days.. got a blank screen with led light blinking red at first and then no led light.. but it vibrates and make sound. but screen death. try yur various ways of removing battery and sim card.. but no response…

  35. The other day I dropped my Galaxy s5 and the screen won’t turn on, I still hear sounds, and the vibration. The two buttons on the bottom still light up and so does the one on the top. The battery is fine and so is the simcard. There also is a crack in the screen and I was wondering if that could have anything to do with it.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Zoe
      Most probably it is hardware damage. And this will be hard or impossible to fix with software settings. I would suggest maybe taking it to your local mobile phone repair shop and get a quote on screen replacement.
      Good luck

  36. I suspect I already have the answer but am prepared to try anything before visiting a repair shop. I have the complete and utter black screen of death as in, no icons, no charging lights…. not a thing. And when I plug it into the computer it doesn’t recognise the device at all. It’s screwed right? Like totally and completely? Or is there some magical trick to try even though it feels like a pointless cause? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tori

    • Hi Tori
      Try checking your battery first. If you are not getting any light then maybe the battery is not connected to your phone properly.
      If you have a friends battery ask them if you can test it in your phone. Make sure you try charging it as well.
      Good luck

  37. I drop my phone, then the phone shows a black spot below the screen and it spread to all over the screen now screen is black… I still hear all my messages and my phone rings, even i can take calls, it’s just the screen remains black.

    i connected the phone to PC and it shows all the files is this a hardware issue any idea?

  38. i have a galaxy s4 and ive dropped it a few times, the creen was already cracked but it worked perfectly, then i dropped it again and the screen is black, it turns on, and all the button lights are fine, the blue light turns on, but i believe its me getting messages, however the screen is just black.. idk what to do

    • HI desiree
      Most probably there is some physical damage there. Try taking it to the local repair guy. Otherwise, plug the phone into your computer and you might be able to back up the data still ?

  39. Hi everyone,

    5 months ago I dropped my galaxys5 in the toilet and was there for 8 hrs until I found it. I thought it was a goner so I bought a new one. To make thing short. I insert the new battery and new Sim card, and we’ll it started up. Maybe changing the battery and Sim card might help with the black screen.judt a thought. By the way, im using the phone that fell in the toilet to write this

      • I have the same problem, Samsung s4, hit the ground, screen is black. buttons light up, still get message tones and start up tones ect, my laptop recognises it. It probably needs a screen replacement or what?

        • HI jess
          So you can copy files off the phone when you plug it into the laptop? If that’s the case the rest of the phone should be ok, it maybe like you said the screen needs replacing.

  40. hi,am mani…. my samsung gt-i9000 phone to be unbrick…. thn download mode its not working….. only black sreen and icon of unbrick to be display… plz can u help me…

  41. My phone is turning on I can hear the notification sounds on my Samsung galaxy s5 but I don’t see any thing I have a screen black age and it makes noises I just want it fixed and I don’t know how to fix it

  42. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! I have tried EVERYTHING on youtube!!! Nothing worked i tried your third option using windows.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  43. Hello,

    I have a Samsung galaxy s4. When I lock my phone using the power key after a couple of minutes the phone is actual dead, with the black screen. I cannot do anything. It doesn’t turn off because I try to make a call to my phone number and it is ringing while I can see the black screen. The only I can do is restart the phone keep the power button for a coupe of seconds. It looks the phone goes into a sleep mode or something.I did a factory reset but the problem remains. Any comments?

  44. Hi can anyone advise how I can get my pics of my phone. I have a A3 and it is working but has black screen. Im not worried about the phone more about my pics….. please help

  45. Im using Samsung galaxy star plus and when i was trying to root it with odin 3 i get the black screen of death
    my device seen on computer and can hear it ringing,is there a solution ?

    • Hi Mostafa
      Sound like you need to restore the correct firmware for your device. However I don’t have the firmware for your device on the website.
      Good luck.

  46. Hi Matt,
    My phone dropped from my kitchen counter (at least a good 2 feet) and landed faced down onto the marble tiled floor. The phone works perfectly: the buttons at the bottom work, the LCD light at the top left corner works, and I can hear it when it vibrates or goes off when the alarms set on the phone go off. However, the screen is completely black! I can’t see anything at all and none of the methods for black screens online work. I really don’t want to have to get it repaired, is there anyway I can fix it? Thank you so much for your help!!

  47. I have a samsung galaxy s4 Last night the phone was in my pocket all night i plugged it in when I went to bed it seemed like it wwas dead so i just left it be. Tis morning the screen was black it will boot up vibrate and make noise I tried multiple variations of taking the battery out for 1 2 3 and 5 minutes i also tried holding the power key down during the time the battery was out I took the phone apart as suggested by one site and tried the drier thing on the board that didnt work I had this happen once before and rhen one day after a few months of sitting in a drawer not eing used i got it out charged it and have been using it for several months . any thought

  48. Hi I hit my Samsung Galaxy S5 screen. First a grey screen appeared. Then it went black. It still powers on. I can see the screen on my tv through the HDMI connection. But not on the phone.

    • Hi William,
      This means there is probably some damage to the invert or screen. If you plug into the computer can you get the data off the device?

  49. I am currently having this issue. I have a galaxy S5. The bottom buttons light up, and I can see the green notification light, as well as the red light when I plug it in. If I take the battery out, it’s still the same. Then I took it and put in back in and powered it on 3 times in a row, then I plugged it into the charger that came with it. The screen came back! But has come and gone the same way 5 times in the last 2 days. Could this be a battery issue? I did have a couple white pixelized screens, like a bunch of tiny colored dots but white. When I turned it on. It’s hard to explain. I called verizon, and because the screen came back (again and again) they say to just watch it. Gah!

  50. Hi, my phone just stopped working while it was loading an app, the screen just freezed. Afterwards I pressed the home button and it just went black and stayed this way. The battery was 80%. I tried connecting it to my charger and pc, but he stays black. I even switched the battery with a similar phone, without result. I pressed home, power and volume at the same time, no result. I own a Samasung Galaxy S4 mini for 2 years now. I fear my cpu just broke, or can it be something that can be fixed?

  51. hey hi,my s3 phone is not working..its display i cant see rest my phone buzz gives notification and blue and red blinks..
    i really dnt undrstnd wat haqppen to my phone it ws all good one night i put it on charge and next morning screen turns black..
    i tried ur 5 min swtch offf phone idea also..but its nthng happen
    plz plz tell me whthr my phone dispaly hav prblm or motherboard.
    Thanks regard

  52. I switched off the motherboard of my S3 with the one of another S3. It worked fine, and I was using it until the screen went off by itself. I didn’t do anything to it. It just happened. The phone works and turns on, but the screen stays off. It gets detected by the PC when I connect it. But nothing else…

  53. Hi. My Samsung A3 fell in water for about a minute and I took it out, dried it and put it in rice. A few days later, it started working and everything seemed fine except the screen isn’t working when I touch the screen. I continue to leave it in the rice and in the sun sometimes but it still isn’t working. Could you please tell me what is happening to the phone and what I can do to make the screen work?


  54. Samsung s3 screen went black while using it. Will not respond all I feel is it vibrate if I push the power button. Have tried all pulling battery not understand how you can hook it to the computer as you say if I can not get into phone to make the selection needed..plz help
    thanks Brenda

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