Transfer Data iPhone to Android 2021

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you how to Copy data from iPhone to Android 2021. Ok Guys so we are going to copy the data from your iPhone to iCloud and then download that data to your Android device. This will copy data such as Contacts, Messages, and Free apps, Photos, Videos and Documents. We will use WIFI so make sure both devices are on WIFI. In addition, this should with most Android phones, the process will be similar but you might have to work out which copy software to use. Ok let us start.

iphone to android 2021

Sign into iCloud – iPhone to Android 2021

On your iPhone go into settings scroll to the top and sing into iCloud with your Apple id.

Once you are signed into iCloud, the next step is to do a Backup to iCloud. To do this tap iCloud and then scroll to the bottom and tap on iCloud Backup. This is where you would tap backup now to start the backup. However before you do this lets go back and select what we want to backup remember you will be copying this to your Android device.

Ok I am going to go in and turn off anything that I do not want to backup. Ok once finished there is a few more options to turn off.

Turn off Two Factor Authentication – iPhone to Android 2021

You need to turn off Turn off two-factor authentication if you have that turned on. To do this go out of settings and into Safari and browse to Once there sign in with your Apple ID and password. Log into your account tap on Security, then scroll to the bottom, and turn off two-factor authentication. As you can see, I do not have it turned on.

The next step is to turn off find my iPhone. This is helpful if you want to sell your iPhone afterwards. Go Back into settings, Tap Apple ID and then tap on Find my. Find my iPhone is turn on tap to turn it off. Enter your apple id and then turn it off.

Turn off iMessages

The last step is to turn off iMessages. This will stop your phone number from being linked to your Apple ID. Tap on find my, tap on Apple ID, tap on Settings. Scroll down and find messages. Then just toggle off iMessages. Go back into settings and back into iCloud again. Tap iCloud. Again, go down to iCloud backup. Tap backup now to start the iCloud backup. Depending on how much data you have this might take a while. Head over to your Android device and start up the restore software. This is a Samsung S20 so the software is called Smart switch.

You can find it in the menu or if you are on other Android devices look under Settings and then Accounts and Backup or the Backup area of your Android device. Always tap update.

Transfer Data

Tap on Receive data and then Tap iPhone since we want receive the Data from the iPhone. You want to connect wirelessly to iCloud. The backup has finished on the iPhone now so you can close out of it. Tap done to log into your iCloud on your Android device.

Awesome it should now show you a list of data that you can copy across to your Android device. Just deselect anything that you do not want. Great it will give you other options to copy data to your Android device. Tap next down the bottom. It’s give you a warning about turning off iMessage which we already did. Then tap go to the Home screen and check if you data copied across by going into your Android device.

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Lenovo Legion 5 with Intel

Clean GPU in 2021

Mine Bitcoin on a Laptop

Hi Guys and welcome to 123myit. In this video, we will show you how to mine Bitcoin on your laptop. Ok Guys recently I did a review on the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop I will put a link to the video in the description below. In addition, I wanted to see if I could mine bitcoin with the graphics card in the laptop.

NiceHash App – Mining Bitcoin on a Laptop

The app that I am going to use is Nicehash. We won’t be mining Bitcoin directly but we will be using our hashing power to get paid in Bitcoin.

To get the Nicehash app head over to and create an account if you do not have one already. Once you have created account click on Login and log into your account.

Click on the mining tab and then click on the Download Miner button. On the next page you will have two options the first Miner is for NVidia Graphics only and the second button if for both NVidia and AMD graphics. This Legion 5 has 1660 TI GPU, so I will click the first button Nicehash QuickMiner.

Disable AntiVirus – Do this at you own Risk

Before installing the Nicehash miner you need to disable your antivirus as the antivirus will pick up the Nicehash installer as a virus. Guys the next steps you will need to do at your own risk. Therefore, head over to Nicehash terms page and have a read. It is important if you are new to Crypto that you understand the risks involved. This video is for information only.

Cool once you read the Nicehash terms, go in Start > Settings and in Security find the Virus and Protection settings. In addition, Turn off real time protection. This is so you can download and install the Nicehash miner. Just use the toggle switch to turn off real time protection and go back to the Nicehash downloads page.

Click the, I understand I have to make an antivirus exception on my rig checkbox. And then click on Go to GitHub download button. Once that load click on the EXE or Zip file. If you do the Zip file, you will need to make a folder exception. Also, if you have another antivirus software like I do here with the McAfee antivirus click accept the risk.

Download NiceHash

Ok if you download the zip file to make a Folder exception go back into the security settings and scroll down to exclusions click on Add or remove exclusions. Click Add an exclusion and navigate to the folder on the screen now. Replace YourWinUser with your Windows username folder and you also need to type in the AppData folder as it is hidden on most computers.

Ok so you would normally have your Nicehash folder here. I do not have it, as I am not using the Zip file install. Cool you have made your exclusions, lets install Nicehash app. Run the miner exe file and click on Download and Install.  Click ok and the Miner will start. You can open the miner screen up to check if it started or not.

Make sure you add in your Bitcoin wallet address. If you go down the bottom right hand side and right click the Nicehash, go to settings and edit Config file.

Mining Bitcoin on a Laptop

Go back into your Nicehash webpage and find your Bitcoin wallet address. It is under the Wallets Tab> deposit > Show BTC address. Copy that and replace the address in the config file.

Start Mining

Awesome you can start mining now. Go back to the Nicehash icon, right click it, and click on Start to start mining.

You can check your dashboard to see if it is mining ok. How much will a 1660TI earn per day? This depends on allot of factors but the Hashing power is currently around 26 MH/s. On my Nicehash app, it says that will earn about $2.50 US per day. Remember that if the price of Bitcoin drops this will be less. And you have to take into account electricity cost.

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Clean GPU in 2021

Transfer Data Android to Android 2021

Lenovo Legion 5 with Intel

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you everything you need to know about the Lenovo Legion 5 with Intel.

What is the Legion 5?

The Legion 5 has almost everything you need in mid-range gaming laptop. This includes a Intel i7 Hexa-Core CPU. NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI Graphics and 256GB SSD.  All for around the $1000 USD. Check for updated prices in the description below.

This 15-inch laptop is built with what Lenovo calls Phantom Black plastic. On the inside the plastic is rubberised which makes it comfortable to use. The build quality is good and there is not sharp corners or edges.

Dimensions – Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo says the starting weight is 2.3 KGs or 5 pounds and mine was the same. When you add the brick and cables it was 3.2kgs or 7 Pounds. In term of size the its pretty average for a gaming laptop at this price point. So it not super thin but its not massive either.

The display is a 15.6 inch 1080p, however just be careful when you buy as my model didn’t include the 144 Hz display rather 60hz only display. Its not all bad as when I plug it into an external monitor I can get 144Hz, but its something to be aware of.

In the Legion Edge software you have the option of disabling Hybrid Mode which will give you a performance boost in games at the expense of battery life. Backlight bleed on my display was fine and I didn’t notice it at all.

Across the top you have a 720p camera with a privacy shutter. The camera itself is pretty blurry and you can see its slow to respond when I move my hand. My keyboard looks pretty cool and it came with a single zone of backlight, along with many other RGB colours over 4 zones.


Typing on the keyboard was fine. However I am use to a desktop keyboard and I found some of the keys in slightly different position to what I am use to. So it may take a bit to get use too.

The function and Q keys allow you to cycle through performance modes and the power button changes colour to reflect the performance mode you are in. A really cool feature.

Trackpad was fine sometimes I miss click and it does pick up fingerprint, but seems to clean ok. The lid is designed well and you can open it with one finger and it folds all the way back 180 degrees. The keyboard flex was great. I didn’t find my flex at all. There was more flex on the display, but it wasn’t annoyingly wobbly.

Lenovo legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 Ports and Connectivity

On the left side you have an air vent along with a usb 3.1 gen one port and an audio jack.

On the right side you have a power light, novo button, USB 3.1 gen 1 port and another air vent.

The back you have a gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.1 display port, two usb 3.1 ports a HDMI, power connector and a Kensington lock.

On the bottom you have two big air vents which push hot air away from the CPU and GPU. And on both sides you have 2 two watts speakers. Lets test how good they are.

So they are a little bit tinny, definitely not as good as the M1 MacBooks review I did link in the description.


Let test it out with Heaven benchmark and the laptop is in performance mode. While that’s running I will try and give you an idea of how loud the fans gets. Heaven benchmark result was FPS: 147 with a score of 3718. Min FPS was 39 and max was 296. If I put pubg in Ultra settings I was getting about 88 to 101 fps. Doing the same thing with Fortnight and putting it into Epic settings I was able to get around 100 fps it did drop to 45 but that was temporary.

In terms of heat the keyboard does seem to heat up quite allot, but not around the WASD keys which is nice design. This means that your hand should get to uncomfortable when gaming. Viewing Angles on the display were very good take a look.

So would I recommend the Legion 5. Yeah I would I think it’s a great laptop the only concern you might need to have is to make sure you get the right screen with 144hz refresh rate. It makes a big difference.

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Transfer Data Android to Android 2021

Transfer Data Android to iPhone 2021