Fix The PC must Support TPM 2.0 Error Gigabyte

Hi Guys Matt from 123myit. In this video, we will show you how to enable TPM PTT on your Gigabyte motherboard. Guys if you are trying to install Windows 11 and you are getting the error The PC must support TPM 2.0 then this video will help. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module and it can prevent malicious attacks on your hardware. And is required to be turned on to run Windows 11.

Heres the error to look out for – tpm 2.0 error gigabyte

tpm 2.0 error gigabyte

Go ahead and restart your computer and you need to log into your computer bios. To do this when your computer starts up you need tap the delete button on your keyboard. For my Gigabyte motherboard the button is Delete, however if can be different on different motherboard. If its HP it could be F10. Other models it could be Esc, F1 or F2 keys.

Once you are logged into your Bios go to the Peripherals tab up the top. Then to Intel Platform Trust Technology PTT. And then set it to Enabled. That is that all you need to just make sure you save it by going to Save & Exit. tpm 2.0 error gigabyte.

Awesome, this time when you go to install Windows 11, you should get past that error and get the ready to install screen.

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Download Windows 11 ISO File

Hi Guys Matt from 123myit. In this video, we will show you how to download Windows 11 ISO file. You can use this Windows 11 ISO file to install Windows 11 directly or create a USB drive to do clean installs of Windows 11. I will do a video on how to setup a Windows 11 USB after this video. So hit subscribe if you are interested in seeing that one. website – Download Windows 11

We are going to download Windows 11 from the website to find the link, head over to and click on downloads. I will put all the links in the description below. Once you are on the downloads page. Scroll down to where is says create Windows 11 ISO file here and click that.

IT will then take you to the website. Click on the x64 button for 64 bit computers and you can use the arm64 for non x86 computer and Raspberry Pi.

download windows 11

Next click on the Cumulative Update link.

Click Next. And then select the version of Windows you want to download. I already downloaded the Pro version so I will try the Home version next. Click next.

Cool, Make sure you have “Download and convert to ISO” and the “Include updates” selected and click on Create download Package.

Go down to the Zip file and click on open when done. It will download and when it opens you will need to click on extract all files. I am just going to extract them to my desktop.

Awesome, just minimise your other windows. And Double click the file that says uup_download_windows.cmd.

Run the batch file

Ok that will run a batch file that downloads all the files from Microsoft and creates the Windows 11 ISO file for you. Depending on your internet, this might take a while so go get a cup of tea or coffee and maybe hit that subscribe button.

Because this takes a while, I will cut the video until the end. Ok so you should see your Windows 11 ISO file appear on your desktop. When the script finishes press 0 to exit.

Cool so you are complete, your Windows 11 ios file has downloaded and you can rename it if you want. You can also delete the other files on your Desktop you do not need them anymore. I want to show you one more thing before you go.

Install Windows 11

To install Windows 11 just double click and open the file and double click the setup.exe file. If you run the install and click, next and you come up with this error. The PC must support TPM 2.0. Do not worry I will show you how to fix this error in a video after I publish this one. I will put a link to that video and in the top of this video and the description below.

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Install Windows 10 on a M1 Mac

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you how to install Windows 10 on a M1 Mac.

If you have an app or game, that is Windows only and you do not want to buy a Windows Machine. Then this video might help.

Download Parallels – Windows 10 on a M1 Mac

The first step is to download and install Parallels desktop 16 for Mac. You can do this by opening up Safari and type in When you get to that page click on Download Free Trial. In addition, on the next screen click download now. This will save the Parallels desktop software to your Mac.

Go down to your Download menu and click on the Parallels desktop 16 software to install it. When you see the Parallels desktop for Mac box pop up just click on it to start the install. Then click on Open and then ok. Parallels will then go and install. If you get a password prompt, enter your administrator password.

Windows 10 on a M1 Mac

Ok once you see Parallels desktop Permission you can close the installer and click next. Click ok to Allow Parallels access to your folders. This allows you to share documents between MacOS and Windows. Click Finish and then you should see the Install on Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Windows 10 M1 Macs

Ok next you will need to click on How to download Windows 10 for ARM Insider Preview link. Scroll down and click the Windows Insider preview link.

Because the M1 Macs are quite new, to download Windows 10 for M1 Macs you need to Registers for Windows Insider. I will put all the links from this video in the description below. Click on learn more and then click on Register. You can register with any account and it free to do so.  Click sign in now and once you have signed it will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions. Put a tick in the check box and then click register.

IF you go back to the Parallels tab and click on the Windows Insider link again. It should now take you directly to the downloads page. Cool if you have done it right go ahead and click the Windows 10 Client ARM64 button and click allow to start the Windows 10 download. Awesome you can check the download by click the downloads button in the top right part of Safari and the download might take some time as it quite large.

Download Windows 10 VHDX

While that’s downloading minimize your windows and go back to the Parallels installation assistant and click continue. Next click on Install Windows or another OS and then click Continue. If the Windows 10 VHDX file does not detect automatically. You can just grab and drag it into the Install Assistant window. Click continue. Next up Parallels will to do some pre-configuration for you. So if want Windows 10 to play game click game only. On the next screen put a tick in the Customized settings before installation and then click Create.

Great you are now in the Windows 10 Configuration screen. You can customise all your settings in here. When finished close that screen and click continue.

IF you have done everything right you should see Windows 10 being installed. Awesome Windows is installed now so just Click to continue. And you will need to setup a Parallels account you get a 14 day trial and then after that you can purchase Parallels if you find it useful.

Windows 10 Finished installed

Congratulations Windows 10 is installed now. Go to the start menu and settings and click on Windows updates. You just want to go ahead and make sure Windows is fully up to date.

While that’s updating go down to the Windows insider program and click on the go to Diagnostics link. And then turn on the Optional diagnostic data button. This will allow you to get the latest update from Microsoft for this build. Make sure you also sign in with your Insider Program address. Once the updates are done, you will be prompted to do a restart. Click Restart now. If you get a prompt for Parallels Desktop access just go into the System preferences and give it access. Parallels might also need to update. Click Restart. Awesome everything is ready to go. Just go ahead now and install any app you might need.

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Mine Bitcoin on a Laptop

Hi Guys and welcome to 123myit. In this video, we will show you how to mine Bitcoin on your laptop. Ok Guys recently I did a review on the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop I will put a link to the video in the description below. In addition, I wanted to see if I could mine bitcoin with the graphics card in the laptop.

NiceHash App – Mining Bitcoin on a Laptop

The app that I am going to use is Nicehash. We won’t be mining Bitcoin directly but we will be using our hashing power to get paid in Bitcoin.

To get the Nicehash app head over to and create an account if you do not have one already. Once you have created account click on Login and log into your account.

Click on the mining tab and then click on the Download Miner button. On the next page you will have two options the first Miner is for NVidia Graphics only and the second button if for both NVidia and AMD graphics. This Legion 5 has 1660 TI GPU, so I will click the first button Nicehash QuickMiner.

Disable AntiVirus – Do this at you own Risk

Before installing the Nicehash miner you need to disable your antivirus as the antivirus will pick up the Nicehash installer as a virus. Guys the next steps you will need to do at your own risk. Therefore, head over to Nicehash terms page and have a read. It is important if you are new to Crypto that you understand the risks involved. This video is for information only.

Cool once you read the Nicehash terms, go in Start > Settings and in Security find the Virus and Protection settings. In addition, Turn off real time protection. This is so you can download and install the Nicehash miner. Just use the toggle switch to turn off real time protection and go back to the Nicehash downloads page.

Click the, I understand I have to make an antivirus exception on my rig checkbox. And then click on Go to GitHub download button. Once that load click on the EXE or Zip file. If you do the Zip file, you will need to make a folder exception. Also, if you have another antivirus software like I do here with the McAfee antivirus click accept the risk.

Download NiceHash

Ok if you download the zip file to make a Folder exception go back into the security settings and scroll down to exclusions click on Add or remove exclusions. Click Add an exclusion and navigate to the folder on the screen now. Replace YourWinUser with your Windows username folder and you also need to type in the AppData folder as it is hidden on most computers.

Ok so you would normally have your Nicehash folder here. I do not have it, as I am not using the Zip file install. Cool you have made your exclusions, lets install Nicehash app. Run the miner exe file and click on Download and Install.  Click ok and the Miner will start. You can open the miner screen up to check if it started or not.

Make sure you add in your Bitcoin wallet address. If you go down the bottom right hand side and right click the Nicehash, go to settings and edit Config file.

Mining Bitcoin on a Laptop

Go back into your Nicehash webpage and find your Bitcoin wallet address. It is under the Wallets Tab> deposit > Show BTC address. Copy that and replace the address in the config file.

Start Mining

Awesome you can start mining now. Go back to the Nicehash icon, right click it, and click on Start to start mining.

You can check your dashboard to see if it is mining ok. How much will a 1660TI earn per day? This depends on allot of factors but the Hashing power is currently around 26 MH/s. On my Nicehash app, it says that will earn about $2.50 US per day. Remember that if the price of Bitcoin drops this will be less. And you have to take into account electricity cost.

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Lenovo Legion 5 with Intel

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you everything you need to know about the Lenovo Legion 5 with Intel.

What is the Legion 5?

The Legion 5 has almost everything you need in mid-range gaming laptop. This includes a Intel i7 Hexa-Core CPU. NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI Graphics and 256GB SSD.  All for around the $1000 USD. Check for updated prices in the description below.

This 15-inch laptop is built with what Lenovo calls Phantom Black plastic. On the inside the plastic is rubberised which makes it comfortable to use. The build quality is good and there is not sharp corners or edges.

Dimensions – Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo says the starting weight is 2.3 KGs or 5 pounds and mine was the same. When you add the brick and cables it was 3.2kgs or 7 Pounds. In term of size the its pretty average for a gaming laptop at this price point. So it not super thin but its not massive either.

The display is a 15.6 inch 1080p, however just be careful when you buy as my model didn’t include the 144 Hz display rather 60hz only display. Its not all bad as when I plug it into an external monitor I can get 144Hz, but its something to be aware of.

In the Legion Edge software you have the option of disabling Hybrid Mode which will give you a performance boost in games at the expense of battery life. Backlight bleed on my display was fine and I didn’t notice it at all.

Across the top you have a 720p camera with a privacy shutter. The camera itself is pretty blurry and you can see its slow to respond when I move my hand. My keyboard looks pretty cool and it came with a single zone of backlight, along with many other RGB colours over 4 zones.


Typing on the keyboard was fine. However I am use to a desktop keyboard and I found some of the keys in slightly different position to what I am use to. So it may take a bit to get use too.

The function and Q keys allow you to cycle through performance modes and the power button changes colour to reflect the performance mode you are in. A really cool feature.

Trackpad was fine sometimes I miss click and it does pick up fingerprint, but seems to clean ok. The lid is designed well and you can open it with one finger and it folds all the way back 180 degrees. The keyboard flex was great. I didn’t find my flex at all. There was more flex on the display, but it wasn’t annoyingly wobbly.

Lenovo legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 Ports and Connectivity

On the left side you have an air vent along with a usb 3.1 gen one port and an audio jack.

On the right side you have a power light, novo button, USB 3.1 gen 1 port and another air vent.

The back you have a gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.1 display port, two usb 3.1 ports a HDMI, power connector and a Kensington lock.

On the bottom you have two big air vents which push hot air away from the CPU and GPU. And on both sides you have 2 two watts speakers. Lets test how good they are.

So they are a little bit tinny, definitely not as good as the M1 MacBooks review I did link in the description.


Let test it out with Heaven benchmark and the laptop is in performance mode. While that’s running I will try and give you an idea of how loud the fans gets. Heaven benchmark result was FPS: 147 with a score of 3718. Min FPS was 39 and max was 296. If I put pubg in Ultra settings I was getting about 88 to 101 fps. Doing the same thing with Fortnight and putting it into Epic settings I was able to get around 100 fps it did drop to 45 but that was temporary.

In terms of heat the keyboard does seem to heat up quite allot, but not around the WASD keys which is nice design. This means that your hand should get to uncomfortable when gaming. Viewing Angles on the display were very good take a look.

So would I recommend the Legion 5. Yeah I would I think it’s a great laptop the only concern you might need to have is to make sure you get the right screen with 144hz refresh rate. It makes a big difference.

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HP EliteBook 840 G7

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you everything you need to know about the HP EliteBook 840 G7.

The design of the HP EliteBook 840 G7 has changed somewhat from the previous model the HP EliteBook 840 G6. The biggest change is its thinner and lighter and this is mainly due to the reduced bezels around the screen.

This is 14-inch mid-range business laptop and it sits between the lower-end ProBook series and the high-end EliteBook 1000 series. And the only difference between the EliteBook 840 G7 and EliteBook 830 G7 is the screen size.

Pricing for the G7 starts around $1400 USD for the Intel i5 CPU and goes up to $1600 USD for the i7 CPU.

Inside the box – HP EliteBook 840 G7

In the box, you will get a gray HP laptop bag. Warranty and setup documentation. Along with a 65 watt USB C power adapter. The laptop uses around 7 to 31 watts of power. And you can expect to get around 11 hours of battery life. Charging the battery will take just under one and a half hours.

Next you will have the G7 itself. The 840 G7 comes with a 14 inch FHD LED Anti-Glare HD Display. With a resolution of 1920×1080 and 250 nit of brightness. Because the bezels are thinner the laptop footprint is smaller. So you are saving space on bezel overhang. Which is awesome.

HP EliteBook 840 G7
Testing Fortnite Frames Per Second.

Out of the box, though I was able to get FortNite to run ok on giving up about 35 to 50 Frames per second. This would be mostly due to the Intel quad core i5 10th gen CPU and 8gb of ram as the Intel  GPU is not the best for gaming.

Finger Print Scanner – HP EliteBook 840 G7

The G7 does also have a finger print scanner. Thich allows you to unlock Windows with a touch of the button. Along the top, you will find an integrated HD 720pwebcam with dual microphone and indicator light. One of the cool things about the G7 design is you can close the camera off with a sliding button.

On the right side, you have the charging port, one HDMI 1.4 port, two USB C ports and a SIM card slot. No RJ45 Ethernet, so this model is WIFI only. You also have an indicator light to show when the laptop is being charged. The USB C doubles as a display port so if you have a USB C to HDMI adapter you can plug in an external display.

On the left, you have a Kensington lock, two USB 3 ports, Audio Jack and SC card reader. Annoyingly there is no SD card reader because of the size of the laptop.

Speakers – Bang & Olufsen

The 840 G7 comes with Bang & Olufsen-tuned speakers, they are designed to point upwards towards your ears. The speakers sounds pretty good but missing a little bass.

The Trackpad is nice and wide but I do find myself right clicking allot because to left click you need to press on the left side of the Trackpad. And for me it feels like the trackpad sits too far to the left.

This model comes with an extra right and left mouse button along with a rubber nipple which I know some people prefer over the Trackpad.

The keyboard is a delight to type on and does not bend when pressing the keys. Also the letters printed on the keys are bigger than normal which would be great for some users.

Build Quality

The overall build feels like good quality and display hinge folds all the way back 175 degrees, however other laptops go all the way to 180 degrees, so 175 feels a bit awkward.

 You can also upgrade the G7 by removing the screws from the bottom cover. The system supports 64 GB of RAM so you can upgrade that along with a 1TB NV Me SSD if you want. The WIFI has also been upgraded to WIFI 6.

Here’s the Geekbench CPU score and the GPU score.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop then you are better off looking for a laptop with the GeForce MX or Radeon RX GPU configured. While this laptop is small and easy to carry, I feel the lack of and SD card reader and other ports a bit of a letdown for me.

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Install Windows 10 on a Mac External Drive 2020

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Install Windows 10 on a Mac External Drive 2020

Hi Guys, In this video, we will show you how to Windows 10 on a mac external drive SSD on your Mac. If you don’t have much hard disk space on your Mac or you just want to run Windows 10 games and Apps on your Mac then I am going to show the whole process, step by step and this is the end result.

What you will need – Windows 10 on a Mac External Drive

Ok so things you will need are an external SSD. I am using a Samsung 512GB SSD attached with a SATA to USB 3 Adapter you can get it off Amazon for $10. I will link it in the description below. You can also use a Seagate Hard drive and even an old laptop hard drive if you have one laying around.

If you have a newer Mac you can also get the USB C to Sata adapter, Amazon link below as well. Or you could just buy a new Samsung USB C SSD like this one.  

You might need a USB mouse and keyboard initially till you get the drivers working correctly and ill show you how to do that. Open Safari and go to the website and click on downloads.

Get your files from the Downloads Section

Scroll down to where it says Install Windows 10 on a Mac and click the first link download Windows 10. On that page in the drop down box select Windows 10 and confirm and choose your language in the second drop down box. Next click on 64 bit and that will download the Windows 10 iso file. The file is fairly big so it might take some time to download. Check it in your downloads. I’ve already downloaded these files so I will just cancel them.

Close that tab and download the WintoUSB file. Again close that tab and download the VMware fusion. Ok so you should see all three downloads in the downloads folder. The next step is to download Windows Support folder. So Quit Safari and go into finder and search for bootcamp. Start up bootcamp and on the Action menu at the top click download Windows support software.  Just change the where menu to Downloads. That way all your downloads are in the same spot. Ok now it’s time to plug in your windows 10 on a mac external drive or external hard drive.

Just make sure you have no data in the SSD that you need as the next step will delete any data on that external drive. Close the drive and click on Go, Utilities and the Disk Utility. Highlight your external drive and click Erase. Rename it as BootCamp and change the format to MS Dos Fat. This will make it recognisable in Windows. Click don’t use and Done. And then close Disk Utility.


Next we want to run the VMware installer file we downloaded earlier. So click Go and Download and open up the VMware installer file. If you get this message saying the VMware file can’t be opened go to System Prefs, Open up Security & Privacy, click on the General tab unlock your pad lock enter your password and click on Open Anyway. Click open and close the Security & Privacy window. Double click to Install VMware. Click open. Type in your password. Click open. Agree to the terms. Put a dot in the, I want to Try VMware fusion. You can use the software for 30 days which is more than we need. However if you like the software you can always buy it. Click ok and Ok again. Open System preferences and unlock your pad lock and give VMware the access it needs.

It wants to install from disk or image. So click go and downloads and drag the Windows 10 iso file you downloaded earlier to the VMware menu. And then click continue to proceed. You are setting up a new Virtual Machine here so you need to click the drop down menu and select Windows 10 Home. Click continue and continue without a key. Click More Isolated. Now you can click Finish now or if you want to customise the Virtual Machine click customise settings. Then click Save.

Customise your Virtual Machine

Ok to customise the install click on Processors and Memory. I am going to give it a little bit more memory. From 2GB to 4GB. That should be enough. Alright you can close that window now and click play to start Windows. If you get the broken pipe errors go Quit VMback into System preferences Security & Privacy, General tab and click allow again. Click ok. Close your padlock. Restart VMware. Press play again and it should start your Windows install now. Awesome that’s going to take a while I will speed up the install here. This is not installing Windows 10 on your external drive just yet. We are setting up a Virtual Machine which will allow you to install Windows on the external drive.

windows 10 on a mac external drive
Using VMware to create a Virtual Machine.

Ok so Windows has finished installing. Click on the Go menu then click downloads and copy the WintoUSB and Windows Support folder onto your Windows desktop. I could drag the WinToUSB file. But I had to right click copy and paste the WindowsSupport folder to get it to copy across.

Connecting the SSD

Now let’s connect our External SSD to our Windows Virtual Machine. You want to go up to Virtual Machine USB & Bluetooth, find your BootCamp drive and add it. Therefore, it’s gone now on your Mac side and there it is on the Windows side now. Now go back to Virtual Machine click CD/DVD and then choose disk or image. And then choose your Windows 10 iso file. Click open. Then go back to Virtual Machine select CD DVD and Connect CD DVD. It should also pop up.

Ok so all the ground work is done its time to create the Windows 10 external drive. And the Windows support folder has just finished coping. Next thing you want to do is double click on the WintoUsb executable and follow the install prompts. So click yes. English Ok. Accept the agreement. And then next next install.

If you get Microsoft Edge popping up just close it. It doesn’t it a few times. Now you want to launch WinToUsb the shortcut with the little arrow. Click your CD DVD drive and in the drop down menu select your Windows disc. And then choose Windows 10 home click next. And then select your destination. So this will be your external drive.

Older and Newer Macs – Audio and drivers not working.

Ok heres an important bit. If you have an older Mac like mine select MBR for Bios if you have a newer Mac select GPT for UEFI. If you select the wrong option here when you start your Mac your Audio might not work. Don’t worry simply come back to this step and select the correct method for your Mac. I will select the wrong option for my Mac to show you what it does.

Ok this part shows you how your external drive will be partitioned. No changes here just hit next to start. This part will take a long time especially if you have an older sata drive. This will take at least 15 mins or more this process will install Windows 10 on your external drive and you will be able to boot into that drive shortly. Once that is complete just hit Exit and yes to quit.  Alright open up Windows Explorer and click on the newly created WinToUSB drive and you want to drag the Windows Support folder into that drive.

Once that’s copied you can shut down your Virtual Machine. Because you are done here.  So Restart your Mac and you want to hold down the Alt Option Key when you Mac starts up. This is so you can select the external drive to boot. If you are on a newer Mac you can use the Command R to access the start up security utility. Once that starts up go into Utilities and Startup Security Utility. If you are on a Newer Mac you might have to enter a password here. Otherwise on an older Macs just close that menu. On Newer Macs select the No Security check box and also the Allow booting from external media. This will allow you to boot to your external Windows drive.

Startup Disk – Windows 10 on a mac external drive

Alright click close on MacOS Utility’s window and select Choose Startup Disk. You can see our SSD drive starting to flash it the background.  Go ahead and select your WinToUsb external drive. And this will set the external drive to boot into by default.

If for some reason it doesn’t boot restart your Mac and hold down the Alt option key. And go ahead and select your external usb drive from the menu. It should then start booting into Windows for the first time. Select your Region and follow the setup prompts. If your Trackpad doesn’t work try using the USB Mouse and Keyboard I mentioned at the start of the video. If your keyboard is not working you can open up the on screen keyboard by click the icon in the bottom left of the screen. I don’t need a password and we are going to turn all this stuff off. You don’t need that.

Ok cool we are now running windows from an external drive. The next step is to get the Windows driver installed. You can do this by opening up Windows explorer and going to your WintoUsb C drive. Go into the Windows support folder. Go into the Bootcamp folder and run the setup file. The just follow the prompts and restart Windows. If you open up device manager you can see the drivers being installed. Go ahead and click finish and restart.

Checking the Device Manager

When you are back up open your device manager again and check any drivers that have not installed properly. You can see the audio driver has not installed correctly. Let add our WIFI password first. Ok if we right click and Update driver and if that doesn’t work we can run the Windows updates. So just click check for updates. This will take some time. Click restart now. Ok once you have done the updates and restarted. Check to see if your keyboard buttons all work on the Mac. So I test the display brightness, Audio Volume and Keyboard brightness. You can see here the Audio is still not working so there are two more things you can do to get this working.

Open up device manager again. Go back to your Audio device right click it and update driver, click on browse my computer for drivers and then click the browse button. And navigate to your Windows Support folder on the C drive. Click on the WInPEdriver folder and then click ok and next and do this for any other drivers.

If you still have drivers that aren’t working go into the Start menu and right at the top you should have Apple Software update. Click that. So its gunna search the web and find any updates that are necessary.  It will ask you to restart go ahead and do that.

Issues with sound Troubleshooting – windows 10 on a mac external drive

If you are still having issues with your sound then you have an older Mac and should have selected the MBR for Bios option when setting up the external drive. So head back to the 10 min mark of the video.

Here’s a tip as well. If you selected GPT for UEFI then you will have a EFI boot drive. If you have selected MBR for Bios then you will have a Windows boot drive.

Cool ok we have restarted now and if you check your buttons should all be working and if you check device manager you shouldn’t have any outstanding drivers to install.

Awesome so you are ready to go you can install Windows games and apps on your external SSD and let the fun begin. You can also setup an Xbox controller to play games with. You have finished installing windows 10 on a mac external drive.

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Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming & Performance 2020

Hi Guys and welcome to 123myit, in this video we will show you how to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Performance in 2020.

Ok people you can expect this video to help you get the very best performance for gaming and general system speed. Optimize Windows 10, will help reduce start up times, reduce latency, get rid of stutter, lag, and decrease the time it takes to load programs. In addition, if you can if you find this video helpful please share it with and friend’s family or anyone who you might think this video will help. And as always do me a favour hit the subscribe button and smash the bell icon. Let’s get started.

Keep Windows 10 up to date – Optimize Windows 10

In my opinion one of the most important things you can do increase the performance of Windows 10 is make sure it’s up to date and the version is at least 1903 or higher and I will explain why. To check which version of Windows 10 you have go to start run and type winver.

This will bring up the version of Windows 10 that you are using. As you can see here my version if 1903. Now to update your Windows go to Start, Settings and click update and security.  Once in here click on Download or update. As you can see here, I’m not fully up to date. Now let me explain why the version 1903 is important. 1903 version fixes speed issues with some CPUs to do with meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. If you want more info Go here. Otherwise 1903 or later means you get a performance fix for some CPUs.

Creating a Restore Point – Before you start

Before we make any more changes, let’s go ahead and create a restore point. This will let you revert Windows back to the way it is now. In the case of making a change and you do not know what you did you can revert to a restore point.   Go to Start and type system restore. Click your C drive and Configure. Make sure there is a dot in turn on system protection. Set the slider bar to 5%. Click Apply and then ok. Create then type a name for the restore. Click create close and then OK.

Next update your drivers right click Start and go to device manager. Look in here for any yellow exclamation marks! Windows 10 is pretty good at finding a driver so right click any driver that has a exclamation mark and click update driver and then just follow the prompts. Now if you have an NVidia graphics card I always update the driver in GeForce Experience. As you can see, mine needs updating so just click download to start it.

Turning off Overlays if you don’t need them

Also while we are in here let’s talk about Overlays. If you go to your cog you will see this in game overlay button. If you are struggling with your FPS then turn this off it’s a guaranteed extra 10 or more frames. An actually while you are at it turn off overlay in discord and steam.

In discord go to User Settings cog and click on Overlay. Make sure that in-game overlay is turned off. To turn it off in Steam go to the Steam menu then click settings. Click on the In-Game menu and take the tick out of Enable Steam Overlay. Click Ok and you are good to go.

Next we want to check the NVidia Control Panel. Right click the desktop and click NVidia Control Panel. You can also find it in the bottom right hand corner. Click Adjust image settings with preview and then put a dot in Use my preference emphasizing and drag your slider bar to performance. If you want to know more about the NVIDIA control panel, I have already done a video and will leave a link below.

High Performance Mode

Set your computer to High performance or Ultimate performance power setting. Go to Start and type power then click Power & Sleep settings. I always just turn off display after 15 mins and set the sleep to never. Then click additional power settings. Set your computer to High performance. Just remember if you are on a laptop it will chew up a bit more power. So come in here and change it back if when you are finished gaming. If you want to try, Ultimate power settings go to start type cmd and press enter.

Copy the code from the description below and you should see it enable the Ultimate power mode. To turn it on click Start type power and click and then click power and sleep settings. Then click additional power settings. And there you go Ultimate Performance. This should give you some better performance and increased frames. You can click change power settings and make some changes in there if you wish.

Use a network cable instead of WIFI

If you are gaming on laptop always, make sure you have your power cable and Ethernet plugged in. If you do not have your power plugged in the laptop will run at half speed to conserve battery power.

Optimize Windows 10 network
Using a network cable can reduce network lag

And I will show you why you should never play games on WIFI. I am connected on WIFI at the moment if I open a command prompt and ping my local router lets see the speed I get on WIFI. Ok every ping is above 1 MS or more and there’s a spike 12 MS. And some more spikes 36 to 45 MS. Now let me disconnect WIFI and plug in a network cable, watch what happens. Check it out all ping goes to less than 1ms. So let’s put this in perspective. Why bother spending huge money on a laptop or a .5 MS gaming monitor if you are going loose those gains by playing over WIFI. It drives me crazy when gamers do this and then wonder why they are having issues.

Disable programs that you are not using

Disable Start programs stops programs running in the background and will give you some extra performance. Right click taskbar, click Task Manager. Click more details and Start-up tab. In here you will have programs that start up when start your computer. Right click to disable any that you do not need. For me I am going to disable this Logitech downloader. Other good ones are Skype and OneDrive.

Uninstall Apps that you are not Using

Uninstall any apps that are not needed. Go to Start settings and click Apps. Find any apps you do not need click on it and then click uninstall.

Turn Off Windows Indexing

Next, we are going to turn off Windows indexing. Moreover, there is some times to turn this off and times to keep this on. Optimize Windows 10.

Good CPU and a standard hard drive = Keep indexing on

Slow CPU and any hard drive = Turn indexing off

Any CPU with an SSD = Turn indexing off

Otherwise click This PC, right click your hard drive, and go to properties. Down the bottom you should see allow files on this drive to have contents indexed. Take the tick out click apply and then ok. It will take some time to do this once that has done just click ok.

Turn off other Windows Settings

Next, up we are going to turn off all the little windows settings that run in the background and take up system resources. There is actually allot of these so I am going to go through them as quick as I can. Just turn off anything you do not need is the rule of thumb here. Optimize Windows 10.

Go to start settings System. Turn off any Notifications you do not need.

Go into Focus assist and make sure it’s off.

Turn off user access control. I just find this an annoying popup. So if you are not bothered go to the

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