Setup Bedtime on iPhone

If you want a really nice way to wake up in the mornings you can setup Bedtime on your iPhone.
Bedtime has a slow rising volume alarms that don’t shock you to wake you up.

iPhone Bedtime Setup

To setup bedtime go to Clock and then tap on Bedtime.
Next tap on Set up and then set you Wake up time.
I am going to set my wakeup time for 6:30am. Then tap Next.
Go ahead and choose your alarm. The have some really good alarms let me play a few for you now.

iPhone setup
Setup iPhone Bedtime – Choose your alarm.

Once you have selected your alarm tap next. Set your bedtime, this will play the alarm when its time to go to bed. I am going to set mine for 11:15pm.
And then press next and choose your bedtime schedule days. I don’t want the alarm to wake me on the weekends, so I am going to remove Saturday and Sunday.

Tap next and you are done. Once your in the Bedtime screen if you want to make changes to your schedule tap on your alarm.
In your bedtime schedule you can use the slider wheel to edit your times.

How to turn off Bedtime?

If you want to turn off your bedtime schedule use the toggle switch at the top.
Go back out of bedtime schedule and go into options to see more options.
If you tap on bedtime reminder you can change the ammount of time that the iPhone will remind you.
If you want you can also turn off Track time in Bed and Do Not Disturb During Bedtime.
And lastly you can ajust your Wake Up sound volume. This controls how loud your alarm volume will be.
Tap Done and if you use the health app you can tap Show more in health.

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New iPhone 5S To Have Fingerprint Scanner

Apple’s upcoming iPhone offering is said to have a major security enhancement, utilising the latest fingerprint scanner technology.

The latest operating system, iOS7 beta 4 was released last week and there’s definitely more than a hint of the new fingerprint technology being an important feature in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

Recently Apple acquired AuthenTec which is a company that specialises in fingerprint-scanning technology. They bought the company for $A392 million last July, which started the rumors last year about the new security advancement being used in their latest smartphone offering.

To fuel speculation ever more, only a few weeks ago Apple also decided to file a patent for a fingerprint sensor embedded within the touchscreen display.

It’s likely that the new technology, embedded in the home button or inside the touch screen will allow for greater security when locking and unlocking the smartphone.

It’s not only security that could benefit from fingerprint sensoring either. There’s also the possibility that you could do different functions on your phone simply by using different fingers.

New iPhone firmware page.

Hi Guys
I have added a new iPhone firmware direct links page that should come in handy for those looking to use the original firmware on your iPhones. The links to the firmware are all direct links to Apple so you can be sure the firmware is legit.

You can find the page under the iPhone menu at the top of the page or you can find the page in the link below.

Hope it helps. 🙂


How to add Battery Percentage on iPhone 4S, 3G, 5, iPod and iPad.

This is a tutorial on how to show the Battery Percentage beside the battery power meter on the iPhone 3G, 4S, 5, iPod and iPad.

On your IPhone, IPod or IPad doe the following.
1. Go into Settings menu.
2. Go into General menu.
3. Go into the usage menu.
4. Scroll down till you see the Battery Usage menu.
5. Turn on the Battery Percentage menu.

And then you are done.

How to setup Tethering Personal Hotspot on Iphone 4S Iphone 5.

How to use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Do you want to share your mobile phones 3G data and internet connection with other mobile phone or computers? Are you not in the office but want to browse the internet from your laptop? Well now you can share your Iphones 3G internet connection via the personal hotspot feature on the IPhone 4S and IPhone 5.
1. How to find Personal Hotspot.
• Go into Settings menu.
• Go into Personal Hotspot.
2. If you don’t have Personal Hotspot under the Settings menu.
• If you can’t find the Personal Hotspot menu under the Settings menu you need to tune it on under the Settings > General >Cellular menu. Go into the Personal Hotspot menu and switch it on.
• If you are using this function for the first time you will have to Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
3. Set your password for Wi-Fi Hotspot.
• Add in a Wi-Fi Password, this will be used when your other devices want to connect to the Iphone.

4. Connect to your IPhone hotspot
• Find your Iphone in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on any device that you want to connect to the hotspot.
• Select your Iphone in the list of Access points.
• Type in your password that you used in step 3 above.
• Once you are connected to the Wi-Fi, try browsing the internet with your web browser.