Fix This Copy of the Install MacOS Application is Damaged

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you how fix the error this copy of the Install Mac OS application is damaged and it will also fix the error OS X could not be installed on your computer.

Upgrading your Mac – Install MacOS Application is Damaged

Guys if you are upgrading Mac OS or trying to do a clean install from USB you might encounter the error messages I just mentioned and the fix is easy. Open up a web browser and go to Google and do a search for the release data of the Mac OS you are trying to install. In my case its macOS High Sierra.

Install MacOS Application is Damaged
Changing the date.

As you can see hear the release date for High Sierra was September 25 2017. So to get the macOS installer to work you will need to change the time on your computers clock.

Open up the Date & Time on your Mac and unlock it with your Admin password. Once you have unlocked it take the tick out of Set date and time automatically. Set your time back to just after the release date of the version of MacOS you are trying to install. So for me iam going to set my data to October 2017. This tricks the installer file to thinking the date is 2017 and will install MacOS on your computer. Watch and see what happens now when I go to run the installer.

There you go the error is gone and the MacOS will continue to install. The Install MacOS Application is Damaged error is fixed.

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How to Download macOS Sierra

How to Download macOS Sierra

This video and article will show you how to download MacOS Sierra, which can be used at a later date to install on any Apple Mac computer.

Why would you want to download a copy of OS X Sierra? When you have an offline copy that means you can then install it on any Mac, so let’s say you wanted to sell your Mac wipe all the data that was on the local hard drive before you sold it you can go through it and reinstall the operating system with macOS Sierra.
Another good thing about having the offline copy is you can actually install it on other Mac’s, also Apple tends to update this software once a year so if you don’t download a copy at some stage and you wanted to reinstall this particular version of macOS you won’t be able to.

So to download macOS Sierra it’s straightforward all you need to do is open Safari and then go to the Apple website. Or you can use this link as a quick link.

Download macOS Sierra

You should then have a download or upgrade button. Click that and download the macOS Sierra app.

Download or Install MacOS Sierra

Once downloaded you should see the macOS Sierra app in the Applications menu. This is good news because you now have a copy of the software and its ready to be installed on to a USB.

macOS Sierra app

I will do a video of how to install macOS Sierra on USB too shortly, but basically if you wanted to install this on the USB lets say you had some problem with your Mac any wanted to do a fresh install, maybe it got a virus or something like that.
What you can do is follow my video will be on the website on how to extract this and put it onto a USB and then I’ll show you how to basically reload a Mac with a clean install with the new version of Mac OS X Sierra.

I hope this helps guys.

OS X El Capitan Installer USB

This video will show you how to create an OS X El Capitan Installer USB.

Hi All,
We previously showed 123myIT users how to create an OS X Yosemite and Mavericks USB drive. And we have the video on how to create an OS X El Capitan installer USB. The process is very simular to the other OS X installer videos that we have done in the past. There is a few code changes so just be aware of that.
Again you will need a computer running Mac OS X and you will also need a 8GB or larger USB drive. In this video I didn’t take any chances and I use a 16GB USB drive, which are quite cheap to buy these days.

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --volume /Volumes/ElCapInstaller --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --nointeraction

Copy and paste the code into a Terminal window and press enter, you will be prompted for a user name and password. This should be your Admin accounts user name and password. Remember to change the name of your USB device to ElCapInstaller if you miss this step the code will error out with something like incorrect syntax error. ๐Ÿ™‚

OS X El Capitan Installer USB

You should see the name of the USB change from whatever its called when you plug the USB in to Install OS X El Capitan. Once this has completed you should then be able to use the USB drive to do clean installs of OS X on almost any Mac hardware or computer. Its always helpful to keep a back up of OS X versions. Because if you ever want to go back a version or install OS X on a different Mac its good to have this backed up copy. Also Apple updates their OS X software once a year and then makes their old version unavailable. So to save yourself getting caught out this way the USB is a great step.

In the next video I will show you how to do a clean install this OS X El Capitan Installer that you have just created.


How to download OS X Yosemite 10.10 Beta

This video will show you how to download OS X Yosemite 10.10 Beta.

Apple has released the latest version of OS X to the general public in the beta form and the full version should be released in Americas fall. You will need an iTunes account to download the software. And the link for the download is below.