Apple Shutting Down iTunes

Hi Guys
I want to show you guys what will happen to your iTunes when Apple upgrade you to the new MacOS Catalina which is due to be released around Monday 23 September 2019. I am getting a few people asking about what will happen to iTunes and their music files. Is Apple shutting down iTunes? Watch the video to find out.

In this video I have added one MP3 file to test with. One video file and a pods cast.
Alright so the version I am currently running is MacOS High Seirra. Version 10.13 and we will upgrade that to MacOS Catalina 10.14.

I am going to do the upgrade with my MacOS Catalina USB installer that I created in a previous video and I will put a link to that video here.

After the upgrade – Shutting down iTunes

Ok the upgrade has finished and now you can see iTunes has been replaced with three new icons. Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV.
If you start by opening Apple Music this is where your Music files should now be stored.
If we check for our test MP3 we can see it now shows up under the recently added menu in our Apple Music app.

Next up you can check out the Podcasts app. If you open that you should see your podcasts list. And theres the one we added earlier.

And the last app to check will be your Apple TV app. All your video content will be added here.
And theres our 123myIT video I added.

shutting down itunes
3 new apps Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV.

Your probably wondering what about iTunes for Windows users. Well apparently it will stay the same.
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Unboxing the 3rd Generation Apple TV

This video will show you the Unboxing the 3rd Generation Apple TV.

Apple TV allows you to stream movies and TV shows that are available online in the iTunes Store to your HDTV. All the movies in iTunes are on a rental or purchase basis, and all your purchases are then stored in the iCloud. Apple TV also streams a few other online media services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV.

Apple TV Top Movies

You can stream Music, videos and photos from iOS devices using AirPlay.

Apple TV Streams Video and Pictures from your iDevice

The Apple TV box has not changed since the second generation, the hardware inside has been upgraded from A4 chipset to the A5 Chipset. This upgrade allows streaming video at a higher resolution 1080p as apposed to 720p.

Apple TV Box

The Apple TV’s design is seen as the best around. Its a simple small black box and has a small white light at the front when the device is turned on. On the back of the box it has the following ports.

* Power cord
* Optical Audio
* Network
* Wifi 802.11n – There is not port for it have ever it is built in.

The unit doesn’t come with an HDMI cable so make sure you buy one other wise you will be in for a rude shock when you go to plug this unit in.

The Apple TV also comes with a small brushed aluminium remote that has only 4 buttons. A navigation circle at the top, which you can press to move up and down and left to right, a Menu button which works as a Back button, and a Play Pause button.

Apple TV Remote

If you download the Apple remote control app you can control the Apple TV with your iPhone or iPad.
Over all the Apple TV seems to be a solid streaming device and if you have other iDevices like iPhone and iPod its probably worth looking into it. However the lack of a USB port for me is disappointing as it means you cannot plug an external USB hard drive directly into the device.