How to Burn an ISO to DVD Windows Bootable

WARNING: Malware has been added to the IMG Burn software. This is out of the control of So please don’t use this software any more. If you still need to burn an ISO file please see the new video here.
Burn ISO files to DVD Windows Bootable

This video will show you How to Burn an ISO to DVD Windows Bootable.
If you want to see how to burn an ISO file on a Mac click here.

How to Resize an Image Picture on a Mac

Hi All
So I thought I would post up and easy guide on how to resize a picture on a Mac.
I want to try and spread out the Tutorials evenly so I will try and do one per day on each topic.
When sending emails with images via email, most free email servers like Yahoo or Google have a limit on how many images you can send at once. Usually it’s around 10 meg in size. To get around this you can resize your image to make them smaller so that you will be able to attach more images to the email.
Making the pictures smaller will also allow you to upload and download them faster and when adding images to a website will allow them to load faster in the viewers web browser.
Resizing a picture on a Mac is quick and painless when you know how to do it and it the software is already built into your Mac OS X. So you have no reason not to be able to this yourself.

Step 1. Once you have the image you want to resize. Right click and select Open With. Then click Preview Default.
The image then should open up and you can then go to the next step.

Preview Image Mac

Step 2. Once you have the image previewed, the next step is to click on Tools in the Apple menu bar then click Adjust Size.

Preview Adjust Image

Step 3. You will then have a screen that you can change the details of the image. For example if you wanted to change the width and height of a picture your can select the number in the Width field and the results of the change you make will display below under Resulting Size.

Width Change Image

Step 4. Click ok to apply your changes to the image and then to save the changes go to File and then Save. Once you have made this change you’re done!

Save Image Resize

Step 5. Go to Preview and Quit Preview and you have now closed the Preview software.

Things to Note If you want to resize an image for webpages 100-200 KBs is usually the best size to use.
Warning if you select Save instead of save as it will save over the top of your current image.
Setup Yahoo mail on a Mac using Mac Mail
Clone OS X Lion and Mountain Lion to a USB drive

How to clone OS X Lion and Mountain Lion to a USB drive

Hi All
This is my latest video on how to clone OS X Mountain Lion and Lion by using an app called Carbon Copy Cloner.
The direct download links for Carbon Copy Cloner are listed on under my Downloads section which can be found here.
The are many benefits to using this method, but the main reason to use this is to allow you clone the same copy of OS X Mountain Lion or Lion, including all your applications and settings from one PC to another PC. So lets say you are in a work place environment and you have 10 laptops to install apps and wifi settings, rather than installing one at a time, you can create one master image and take a copy of that on your USB drive then clone that image onto all your other laptops.
There are some buts to doing this, you can only close software to the PC that’s can load and runs that version of OS X. For example you cannot clone a copy of Mountain Lion and expect it to run on an old Tiger laptop or one first Intel model Macs.

Carbon Copy Cloner

In the video I have show you a trial version of the software, however if you are using the software for work use I would suggest you buy a copy at $39.95 its a bargain!! And it helps the developer make better software.
Give it a try!
Good luck and have fun.