How to Burn an ISO to DVD Windows Bootable

WARNING: Malware has been added to the IMG Burn software. This is out of the control of So please don’t use this software any more. If you still need to burn an ISO file please see the new video here.
Burn ISO files to DVD Windows Bootable

This video will show you How to Burn an ISO to DVD Windows Bootable.
If you want to see how to burn an ISO file on a Mac click here.

3 thoughts on “How to Burn an ISO to DVD Windows Bootable

  1. Unfortunaly this doesn’t work maby its the case of me ruuning it on a laptop because the img burn could not close the session saying its a common thing on laptops but still it’s not working after reboot it says select boot type 1 or to but it’s dead for any key …:(

    • HI Max
      It should still work, you just have to push the dvd back into the laptop. All it is saying is that it cant close the DVD drive itself it needs you to do it manually.
      Good luck.

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