Top 10 Free Apps for Android phone 2013

Hi All, So this is the first post about Android on my website. Currently I am only running a very old Samsung Galaxy S.
This is a short video on the top 10 free Android apps are for the Samsung Galaxy S. Would suit someone who is looking to have a bit of fun with their phone but doesn’t know where to start.
The Apps can all be downloaded for free from the Google play store on your phone.
The apps featured are:

Facebook: The app of the ever popular Facebook one of the largest social networking sites.
Candy Crush Saga: A games simular to Bejewelled where by candy drops from the top of the screen and you have to match them up in 3 way fashion to get to the next level. There is 100 levels so you will need to be very skilled to make your way through.
Skype: A voice chat program which allows you to make voice and video calls.
Snapchat: Apparently this app is the fastest way to share a moment with your friends. You can send pictures to all your friends and control how long they can view them for.
eBay: A classifieds app that allows you to buy and sell on eBay. Good point about this one is you wont have to miss bidding on an item if you not in front of the PC, as long at you have a phone and this app you should be sorted!
Viber: This app allows you to chat, send photos and videos messages no matter where in the world you are. As long as you have 3G or wifi access and the other person as Viber.
Facebook Messenger: Allows you to use the Facebook chat without all the other features.
Instagram: 100 million users cant be wrong! Facebook recently brought this app which allows you to make and share beautiful photos.
Gumtree: Gumtree is a free local classifieds website which allows people to buy and sell pretty much everything 🙂 simular to eBay.
Hardest game ever 2: Hardest game ever 2 is a game where you need to react to a series of buttons on your phone which when pressed in the right order with speed will allow you to go to the next level.

How to turn off work offline mode in Microsoft Outlook 2010 2013.

This video will show you how to turn off work offline mode in Microsoft Outlook 2010 2013.

Microsoft Outlook, what a great email client. But with all its features and functions some of them can be down right annoying!!!
Yes, we all know what I am talking about the dreaded Work Offline message. Well first of all lets talk about what is Work Offline and what does it do?
Work Offline, is a feature within Microsoft Outlook that allows you to continue working and writing emails even if your connection has dropped out. Now when I say connect I mean this could be your LAN connection or your internet connection if you are using a internet service. Or if you work on Wifi it could be you have walked into an area with limited signal and your connection has dropped out. When this happens Outlook will start using a local copy of your email which is stored in an Offline Folder File (.ost)

There are actually quite allot more reasons why Offline Mode starts. However Microsoft says these are the most common ones.

* The Exchange server is offline for maintenance.
* You are traveling and can’t connect to your Exchange server.
* You find performance unacceptable when using a slow connection to the server, such as dial-up connections with a 56 Kbps modem.

The idea with Work Offline is that you can keep working even though your internet or email server is unavailable. Once the internet or email server comes back online. Outlook should detect this and it will sync the work you have done up until that point.

How do I turn Work Offline on and off?
You will find the button to turn Work Offline on and off in the Send/Receive tab in the top of Outlook.

Work Offline Menu Bar

The image below will show you when you are in Offline Mode. You can tell this by the Orange box around work offline.

Currently in Work Offline Mode

And also there will be a Red X and Working Offline in the bottom of your Outlook as well as a red X on your Outlook icon in your task bar.

Working offline Task Bar

To get yourself out of Work Offline, try restarting your Outlook. Make sure you do not have multiple Outlook.exe processes running in Task manager, check your internet connection. Check the Send/Receive tab and make sure that is it turned off.

Outlook Task Manager

I hope that helps solve some of the mystery. Good Luck.

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