How to install Windows 8 on a Mac with Boot Camp Easy Version

Hi All
So I have revamped the how to install Windows 8 on a Mac with Boot Camp video, I have tried to explain more detail about the install in the video.
I have also added the direct Apple boot camp downloads which can be found here.
If you have any questions about the boot camp install and installing Windows 8 on your Mac you can find it here.

Good luck 🙂

65 thoughts on “How to install Windows 8 on a Mac with Boot Camp Easy Version

  1. Yes, but then after deleting the boot camp partition and then clicking on it and clicking “New” and then “Apply”, it then says “Error (some numbers). New partition could not be created”

    • HI Shawn
      Make sure you backup your drive before doing anything else. You don’t want to lose any data.
      Then try a disk repair on the main partition using the install disk. After that, Boot Camp should have no problems.
      IF you don’t have the disc try doing a repair from the boot partition by holding down ALT or Option key at start-up boot.
      If you cant get that to work try the repair disc from Disc Utility.
      Hope that works for you.

  2. Hi,

    I have trouble right at where i was about to click install and it always said “the installer couldn’t be found” what should i do?

    • HI Eunice
      I would check the DVD that you are using. Try downloading and installing Windows again. You can try the Windows 8.1 install and download that from Microsoft.
      Check the video here.

      • Hi,

        I finally got the Windows installed, but I forgot to plug in the charger so my laptop went out of battery and shut down suddenly when it was half way on process of installing, and now if i open it, it always stuck at windows but it wont let me go in to do anything, what should i do? i can’t even access to the disk utility of OSX anymore

  3. hi, I have a question about bootcamp. I watched ur video and still couldnt find the answer. i have mac pro with no CD drive.
    i downloaded windows 8 ( with keys) from torrent, and saved on flash drive. you think that would work?? Please give me ur advice on that!!
    just cant pay $100 for de official version!!


  4. also, the torrrent version is too complicated….for me! 🙁 do u know any other way (cheaper) to get windows 8?!

    sorry for me being cheap…. lol

    • Hi jamiga
      Look up my more recent video on how to install windows 8.1 on a mac. And under downloads link on this website you will find the windows 8.1 software. You can just google search for a key.

  5. Thanks bunch Matt…,
    I’m downloading win 8 now, really hope that works! Just wondering i got several serial keys for Windows 8 from torrent site download… u think that would work?? i googled win 8 key but seem i can’t find the one i need….!

  6. you’ve explained all these ways by using internal memory, but I’ve got an external hard drive 3TB and i get confused with when it asks me to “Please format the USB drive as single FAT partition”, please help me?

  7. Not sure if it is on your web site, but i have the windows iso file and having difficulties getting this to install from a thumb drive. Can you point me in the right directions as to how this is done?

  8. Hi, so my bootcamp was installed and all runs well but i can’t seem to activate my windows, i can’t connect to internet, it doesn’t seem to recognise any wi-fi connections, any help?

  9. Hey I went throught the install on windows 8.1 Seem that part worked, but I am having trouble getting back to Mac Os. I rebooted holding down alt and it just brought me back to windows. Ideas?

  10. hello…

    do i need to burn one dvd with the files i download from the download section ??????/ and i have an early 2011 version 13inch does the win 8 works on it??? cheers

      • Hello my friend….
        when i put the usb and press continue says my mac is only good for windows 7 but mine mac is an 13 inch early 2011 could i try anyway????

        the files on the .iso…should i open the .iso folder and burn the files inside of it or burn the all .iso file???? thanks man sorry to bother you.
        if only the windows 7 does the work, do you have any tutorials??? thank you.

        • Hi Riccardo
          You can install windows 8 even tho it says windows 7. You just have to make sure you install the right drivers at the end.
          Yes you need to burn he iso so it has all the files extracted to DVD. I will be adding a new video on how to do this in a few hours. Because e I get allot of people asking me about this question 🙂

          • Hello my friend, sorry to bother man again.

            I saw your new video and it has worked perfect.
            When the installation starts it goes ok in the first and second part which is when i put the Key…after i click continue looks all good and in the middle of the installation says im not able to install it for some reason i should have written down but i can’t remember..if u know something that could help with that let me know, thanks. Riccardo

  11. i just tried to install it again and done the same thing…the message says like that : Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation.

    i downloaded the 8.1 version( what is preview version ??? ) from your website and burned as in the video u posted yesterday and have the usb with those files that was downloaded with bootcamp before installation so i don’t know where it could be missing these files…sorry again to bother man.

  12. hi
    when i delete BOOTCAMP partition and i select that partition the button ‘next’ cannot work why….i install window 8 on iMac should it work…..??

  13. Hi ,

    I have windows 8.1 dvd but i am using macbook air 2015 verision i like to install windows in macbook air . i have desktop with dvd writer facility how to copy my windows file to usb and usb to macbook .


  14. Good day! Boot camp says “Need 64-bit Windows 8 installation USB drive or DVD.” when I am starting to the process. What should i do? Thanks!

  15. Hi,

    I’ve followed all the steps but I didn’t get prompted into windows after restarting.

    I have a Macbook Pro 13 early 2015 and Windows 8.1.

    Thanks, Chagal

  16. i just bought my first macbook pro, then realized I can’t due my homework for school because I need Windows! I just am confused as to how I make an “ISO image ” so I can continue with the boot camp assistant. I really want to keep the mac but I need windows for school. Please explain in the simplest way possible how I can even make this ISO image to get the windows on my mac?

  17. Hi I spent one day in this page. I downloaded the boost camp many times, I opened the zip format , but then coming up some stupid maps. There is possibilities for any running the program. My MacBook Air is 2013 mid/13’/El Capitan

      Sorry for the slow reply I have been on holidays.
      So when it downloads in Zip format you should open it up and run the EXE. This needs to be done under windows not Mac osx ?

      Sorry for the slow reply I have been on holidays.
      So when it downloads in Zip format you should open it up and run the EXE. This needs to be done under windows not Mac osx ?

  18. Good afternoon!
    I can not install windows in one of the MACOS HD partitions Error GPT
    The BOOTCAMP disk does not appear when I press the SHIFT key and F10. How to format if it does not appear or install in the partition.

  19. Hi, i was wondering if anyone could tell me which boot camp 4 or 5 an imac from mid 2011 has? im trying to help my friend out. I would really appreciate any help i can get. thank you

  20. Everytime Boot Camp creates the partition and restarts my mac, there is always a black screen with a text saying “No bootable device — Insert boot disk and press any key”. No matter what, it always comes up with that. I then go to turn off my mac and then turn it back on, I hold the alt key, and I go into EFI boot, it starts to work, but when it comes to the partition selection to install windows onto it, I go to format the partition, but it never allows me to click next. I even tried going back into my OS X and change the format to ExFat or something. Still doesn’t work. Really confused.

    • Hi Mate, sounds like the Mac is getting confused about which devices its trying to boot from and what it supports. For example if the USB is newer than your Mac it might be USB 3 and your Mac might not pick it up.

  21. Hi I installed windows 8.1 and in my MacBook pro late 2011, everything went well with Bootcamp version 5.1.5621, but my audio drivers are not working, it shows like ‘No audio output device is installed’ but I tried all possible ways by downloading other Bootcamp versions and installing realtek drivers but the problem still persists. please help me into this.
    Thank you.

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