How to Install Windows Blue 8.1 on a Mac with Bootcamp Step by Step

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This video will show you how to Install Windows Blue 8.1 on a Mac with Bootcamp Step by Step.

To download Windows 8.1 Blue you can download them from the Downloads section here.

45 thoughts on “How to Install Windows Blue 8.1 on a Mac with Bootcamp Step by Step

  1. Can you help.
    I follow you install window 8 on Mac Pro,
    I received the message ” we couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the setup log files” how can I do next

    • Hi Nhuan
      Try this.
      Shut down your computer.
      Disconnect all Thunderbolt and USB storage devices, except for the USB media which contains the Windows ISO installer.
      Try the installation again.

  2. Hi there,

    Have gotten to the stage where I insert the disc and press install on bootcamp but a box pops up saying that there is no file on the disc. Its not that the disc isn’t recognised, it is because it is in the finder, its that it doesnt recognize the iso file that I downloaded from your downloads page. Is there any solution to this? I thought it might be to do with the disk I used, but I tried the same file on three different discs and still the same problem. I have searched forums for answers but have had no luck. If you can help in any way that’d be great!!


    • HI Megan
      Don’t burn the file directly onto the dvd. It needs to be burnt as a bootable dvd. To check that you have burnt the file correctly. Open the dvd and see if it is just one file or a whole bunch of files?
      Let me know.

      • It is only one file, if this is not correct how do I fix this?
        p.s. I seem to have potentially fixed my initial problem as the partitioning loading bar comes up when I push install. This did’t happen before as it didnt recognise the file. However now this message comes up…

        “The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved. Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.”

        I went into Disk Utility and it says that it is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) so a bit confused as how to fix this?

          • Great thanks, will try. Is running a disk repair as simple as it sounds? Im not the huugest techie.. Is it harmfull to my computer in anyway/do you think it will fix the problem??

          • But going back to my first problem that magically resolved itself, did i have the iso file in the right format? Just incade this comes up as an error again. Thanks so much for your help already.

  3. I’m having problem installing windows 8.1 on mac. I tried your solution and every solution are there but couldn’t install it. I tried bootcamp and I’ve tried deleting bootcamp and then adding a new partition with exfat or fat but that couldn’t help. Windows 8.1 is on a bootable flash drive. The error message I get after formatting the partition is windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk has an MPR partition table.

  4. Hi, i want to know if must be purchase Windows Blue 8.1 with serial key or no? before will download boot camp? please let me know thanks!

  5. Hello there;
    Thank you for publishig your tutorial.I have problem after booting stage. It gave me this message “COULDN’T FIND WINDOWS INSTALLER” Here’s my brief I used my son PC to create ISO file when running windows 8.1 installation. Then I copied to a DVD drive and insert it in my MAC. When I was up to the installation I got this message “COULDN’T FIND WINDOWS INSTALLER”. I thought my MAC DVD drive is a culprit which let me to purchase an external DVD drive, and an external hard drive of 2 tera. All of which not avail.

    • HI Ahmed
      You need to burn the ISO file completely to the DVD. Not just the ISO file itself. So when you look at the files on the DVD it should have the complete windows files not just the one iso files.

      • Hello there;
        I purchased windows 8.1 from widows online site, so I was authorized to download a file called “WindowsSetupBox” into my CD DVD along with that a license key in my E-mail. Do you think I may go back and ask for a complete download.

        • HI Matt;
          I, used my son Pc and I was mimicking installation and when it asked me to what I wanted to do I choose crate an ISO media file so I did. virtually, this is what I learned from elsewhere .

  6. Hi

    Tutorial was great and has all worked so thank you very much. One problem though that my mac only opens in windows now and I would really like the option of mac or windows!! How do I do this?? thank you


  7. If I were to install windows 8 could i play windows only games from steam? or would it still not work because I’m on a mac?

    • Hi Dylan
      Yes it will work. In fact its the best way to run games on a Mac. Just make sure you install the NVidia driver from the windows support software.

  8. hi,expertise
    I’m using Macbook pro, mavericks 10.9.3 , with DVD player on it.
    I followed your instruction , install windows 8 to Mac, step by step.
    but i couldn’t installed because i don’t have dvd player, you video was showing insert windows 8 dvd dish , then restart, hold the option key , it’ll come out 4 options …
    my question is …. is there any way that i don’t need the dvd player, just install with my time drive , that i downloaded from your guild line ? i have downloaded 32b on my time drive..
    thank you so much for helping

  9. I keep on getting “The USB drive can not be used” and under that “Please Format the USB drive as a single FAT partition”….. when im trying to save the windows support software…

  10. I’m trying to install windows 8.1 on my late 2011 macbook pro running osx 10.9.5 with bootcamp on a USB.
    This is a multiple part question.
    1. can i do the whole install with only a single usb flash.
    2. I keep experiencing some problems. during my attempts:
    a) bootcamp can’t find the proper drivers/support for windows8 and claims that my mac can only support windows 7 (something the support site claims to be incorrect.
    b) when i just download the drivers manually, put them on the usb that bootcamp set up for the windows install, and reach step around 8:10 in the video, i’m prompted to enter a bootable drive for the download, leading me to reboot while holding down the option key.
    c) after selecting my usb drive to start the download, the partition that was setup by the bootcamp won’t format for the windows download.

    please help!

  11. I’ve just acquired a new macBook Pro (the last version of the 15″, 2014). I tried multiple times to install Windows 8.1 (Student version) but each time I have an error message which states that Windows couldn’t configure the start menu. At this point, the installation is freezed and I can’t to anything except rebooting to OS X. I use an USB to install Windows 8.1. I really don’t know what to do.
    Thanks for your help!

  12. I used your video to bootcamp my mac, however, I didn’t allocate enough space the windows partition. Is it possible to reallocate additional memory or do I need to uninstall bootcamp and start over? Thank you!

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