How to install Windows 7 on an Apple Mac running bootcamp.

This video is a step by step guide on how to install Windows 7 on an Apple Mac Book Pro running OSX and bootcamp.

1. Log into your Macbook Pro.
2. Open up finder and in the spotlight bar type: bootcamp.
3. Select bootcamp from the menu.
4. On the introduction screen click continue.
5. Make sure that the download the latest support software from Apple option is ticked. If you already have a Windows partition installed you will have an option called Remove Windows 7. If you dont already have Windows installed you will have an option called Install Windows 7. Make sure you tick install Windows 7.
6. Have your 1GB USB key handy to download the Windows Support Software from Apple.
7. Now you can choose to save a copy of the Windows support software to DVD or USB. I prefer USB.
8. Select save a copy to an external drive. You can run this software after Windows have been installed.
9. The Windows support software will download to the USB.
10. At the create a partition for Windows screen you can make the partition as big as you want. However press divide equally so you will have a shared amount of space on both drives.
11. In-cert your Windows 7 DVD and click install.
12. Boot camp will start to Partition the drive.
13. Your Macbook will restart.
14. Windows is loading files screen.
15. At the Windows 7 install screen select your Language, time and currency format and Keyboard and input methods. Click next.
16. Click install now.
17. Accept the licence terms and agreements and click next.
18. Click on custom menu.
19. Select your bootcamp partition and click drive options. Hit Delete then click Ok.
20. Select the partition again and click on New, Apply and Next. And Vista will start to install.
21. The Mac will restart.
22. Setup your new Windows 7 profile and you are done.

13 thoughts on “How to install Windows 7 on an Apple Mac running bootcamp.

  1. I would like to know how to get the Windows DVD because I don’t know how to do this and I have been trying for three weeks. When I run bootcamp assistant it says that my mac can only run windows 7 and I have a windows 7 so if I need it I can use it.
    Thanks a lot,
    Harry Fuller

  2. Hi,
    i downloaded an iso file of windows 7 home premium and started the boot camp after the dividing the partition the mac restarts and shows an error message that it can’t boot up. i tried booting up manually by holding down the option key but after the first windows page shows to select the language and keyboard options, thats when the mouse and keyboard doesn’t work. without those I’m not able to move forward. please help.

    i’m using an iMac late 2013 model with yosemite installed. i used transcend 16gb usb flash drive

  3. Hi, when I get to the part where windows has installed then has to restart I get an error how windows can’t boot. Can you help?

    I’m on an 2013 imac latest os.


  4. i have try booting from USB because my CDROM not working on my iMac and when i make the USB Bootable too when i open the boot camp too it says the installer disc could not be found ..what should i use to make the bootable on USB drive

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