How to install Windows Vista on an Apple Mac running bootcamp.

This video is a step by step guide on how to install Windows Vista on an Apple Mac Book Pro running OSX and bootcamp.

1. Log into your Macbook Pro.
2. Open up finder and in the spotlight bar type: bootcamp.
3. Select bootcamp from the menu.
4. On the introduction screen click continue.
5. Make sure that the download the latest support software from Apple option is ticked. If you already have a Windows partition installed you will have an option called Remove Windows 7. If you dont already have Windows installed you will have an option called Install Windows 7. Make sure you tick install Windows 7.
6. Have your 1GB USB key handy to download the Windows Support Software from Apple.
7. Now you can choose to save a copy of the Windows support software to DVD or USB. I prefer USB.
8. Select save a copy to an external drive. You can run this software after Windows have been installed.
9. The Windows support software will download to the USB.
10. At the create a partition for Windows screen you can make the partition as big as you want. However press divide equally so you will have a shared amount of space on both drives.
11. In-cert your Windows Vista DVD and click install.
12. Boot camp will start to Partition the drive.
13. Your Macbook will restart.
14. Windows is loading files screen.
15. At the Windows Vista install screen select your Language, time and currency format and Keyboard and input methods. Click next.
16. Click install now.
17. Enter your serial key and click next.
18. Select your version of Vista that you want to install and tick the terms and agreements and click next.
19. Click on custom menu.
20. Select your bootcamp partition and click drive options. Hit Delete then click Ok.
21. Select the partition again and click on New, Apply and Next. And Vista will start to install.
22. The Mac will restart.
23. Setup your new Windows Vista profile and you are done.

6 thoughts on “How to install Windows Vista on an Apple Mac running bootcamp.

  1. hi…. how can i install windows XP on mac?!! only i had is windows XP with Keys! i can’t get windows 7 or 8!
    when i insert XP disk and run bootcamp, it said older version not supported!! is there any way change this and make this work..??!!
    thanks bunch!!

    • Hi Jamiga
      This is how it works.
      Depending on the age of your hardware depends on which Windows software will install on your Mac.
      Older Macs will support Windows xp with older versions of bootcamp.
      However new Macs will support Windows 7 and 8 with later versions of bootcamp.

      Have a bit of a read of this article.


  2. I just installed windows vista on my iMac and now I cannot revert back to OS X. It was downloaded as a partition and am 100% sure I didn’t replace OS X. I cannot download bootcamp for Mac becuase it only supports windows 7….How can I resolve this?!? PLEASE HELP!

  3. Hey, I am looking into installing Vista just so I can play Age of Empires II HD, But I’m not sure how permanent this is or how easy it is to go back and forth between systems. I specially got scared when I ran bootcamp and it said it was important to back up my disk. What should I do?

    • Hi Jose Perales
      If you are looking at running Windows games then the best option is to install Windows is via boot camp.
      You will need to back up your files a precaution in case you make a mistake and delete the os x drive. But these steps are not in my
      videos so as long as you follow the video you should be fine.
      How to Backup a Mac with Time Machine

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