Add a Ringtone Samsung Galaxy S5 Game of Thrones

This video will show you how to Add a Ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Hi All
This is an update for the Samsung Galaxy fans out there. Sometime ago I wanted to create my own ringtones for my Galaxy, iPhone, because I was sick of the really bad default ringtones that come with the Galaxy and iPhone models.

The idea is that if you like some content from YouTube be it a song a or some type of sound you can actually make it into a ringtone for your phone.
I have gone a head and created to Game of Thrones ringtones for both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone. You can find them on the Downloads page here.
Under the heading Free Ringtones. If you want to know more about how to create your own ringtones you can find the old video how to here.
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How to add a Ringtone to an Android Phone – Game of Thrones Ringtone

Once you have created your ringtone of choice you can add it to your Samsung device by following the video above. Essentially you plug your Samsung into your computer and once the phone is detected you can copy the ringtone into any folder on your phone. Once this is done you might get the following message.
Convert and Copy

Do you want to convert your file before its copied to your device? In most cases you want to say yes to this. This is so the file will be compatible with your device. In this case the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Once the file is copied to your phone you will need to add it to your ringtones. To do this on your Samsung device tap on Settings > Sound > Ringtones and then tap Add > Folders and navigate to the locations of where you saved your file and your good to go.


How to change the Sim & SD cards in a Samsung Galaxy S5

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How to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode

This video will show you how to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode.

Hi All
Recently I purchased this Samsung Galaxy S5 and I wanted to try and get some more videos up of what you can do with it Rom wise. So the download mode is important as you will need to know how to get the phone into download mode to be able to flash the rom/ firmware. So keep an eye out for more videos to come.
Its a great phone currently I am still using a work supplied iPhone 4S but shortly I think I will switch over to this one and start using it full time.

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