How to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode

This video will show you how to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode.

Hi All
Recently I purchased this Samsung Galaxy S5 and I wanted to try and get some more videos up of what you can do with it Rom wise. So the download mode is important as you will need to know how to get the phone into download mode to be able to flash the rom/ firmware. So keep an eye out for more videos to come.
Its a great phone currently I am still using a work supplied iPhone 4S but shortly I think I will switch over to this one and start using it full time.

6 thoughts on “How to put Samsung Galaxy S5 into Download Mode

  1. The video how to put a Samsung Galaxy S5 in download mode is fine if it would work that way. We are working with a black screen of death and not able to see anything come up like shown in the video. My phone also downloaded onto my computer but where do I see what’s on the screen to do the download method. I received the message that device driver successfully downloaded but couldn’t see the file.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 that was dropped and has a cracked and blank screen. It was plugged into the computer to retrieve photos and recognizes the phone but doesn’t show any files. The main concern is getting the photos back and wondering if you can suggest something?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Jacqueline
      Did you have some type of swipe unlock or code on the phone? If so the phone could be waiting for you to unlock it before it will give the computer access to the photos.

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