How to Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes

This article and video is a step by step guide on How to Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes.
So I recorded this video to try and go over all the errors that can come up in iTunes.

Some of the Symptoms you might have when restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via iTunes are in the form of error codes and alert messages. Most of the time these errors are caused by older versions of software or problems with connectivity, connecting to the Apple servers.

To resolve these problems you can try the following.
Step 1. Update your iTunes to the latest version or even try uninstalling iTunes if your using a PC do a restart and download, reinstall iTunes. To update iTunes on a Mac go into Apple icon and click updates.
iTunes Updates

Step 2. Make sure you OS is up to date. If you are using Windows go into Control Panel and click on Windows Updates. If you are on a Mac click on Apple and then Updates.

OS Updates

Step 3.Check the Anti Virus and security software on your computer. It could be blocking the connection to the Apple servers. In Windows you can generally right click and disable software until you do a restart. And you can turn off the Windows firewall in Control Panel. On a Mac you can System preferences and security and privacy. 123myIT also has a video guide which shows you how to edit your host file on your computer.

The 3194 error video for Windows here.
The 3194 error video for a Mac can be found here.
Windows iREB video here.

This is really important if you are having issues connecting to the following Apple servers.

* Ports: 80 and 443
* Apple servers:

* Verisign servers:

Step 4. Unplug any extra devices that don’t need to be connected to your computer. Only have your Mouse, Keyboard and iOS device connected. Try a different USB port on your computer and try a different cable and if that doesn’t work try a different computer altogether.

USB Cables

Step 5. After updating or installing software its a good idea to restart your computer. When your computer is restarting take the opportunity to restart your iOS device.

Restart Devices

Step 6. By now hopefully you know how to resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes. Time to try the restore again and see if you get the same error.

For more information see this Apple article here.

I hope it helps and Good luck!

92 thoughts on “How to Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes

  1. I’ve edited my host file and I’m still getting the 3194 error. i went to the site and it shows me that i don’t have a broken connection so idk why it’s not letting me restore and update to 7.0.4

  2. i m not able to update after clicking on more info. Only apple logo is appearing and the downloading is iniciating. help please

  3. Hi I have tried everything as mentioned in the video but still getting the same annoying 3194 error saying “An unknown error occured”

  4. i’m getting error 37 while downgrading to 6.1.3 from 7.1
    i’m using iTunes(10.7) & i have iPhone 4 gsm
    can anyone guide me how to fix this error 37?

      • I have this same error. Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. iPhone 4S. iTunes Both iTunes and Windows are up to date as of this writing. Original Apple 30 pin cable. No other usb cables connected. Have tried restore multiple times. Apple store can’t do it either. Use this same iTunes and Windows to sync another 4s that doesn’t have this problem. Would like to un-stick the original 4s from the reboot process stopping about 3/4 of the way. Thanks!

        • Hi Andres
          Make sure you don’t have a Passcode on the device or that you have allowed the computer to access the phone on the phone itself. Also what versions of iOS are you trying to use?

  5. Hello,

    Recently my son accidentally destroyed his charging port thinking there was rice stuck up inside. I ordered a new port along with a new screen and home button. The screen and home button were my fault since this is the first time I opened an Iphone. I’ve watched many how to videos and have now become an expert(kidding) at taking an iphone apart. When the new parts came in I reinstalled them but the phone is in recovery and wont come out. I keep getting error 14 in iTunes. I’ve seen every theory on how to fix it but still no clue. They are sending me a replacement display since it may be defective since this is one theory I’ve seen. Also I may have screwed it up with the logic board? I’m all out of ideas and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • HI Fazal Siddiqui
      Do you know what ios versions you are trying to restore from and too and have you allowed the phone access to the computer and removed and passcode lock?

  6. I have iphone 5s and [iPhone6,2_8.1.2_12B440_Restore.ipsw] I turned off firewall And antivirus And I did windows and itunes updates I did restore my iphone from DFU mode I still have error 14
    help me please

  7. Hi, I have a ihpne 4 and i tried to restore it but i only get the error code 2001 in iTunes. Tried on youtube to find any videos but its nothing there. I put it in DPU mode and now its only the blue iTunes logo with the cable i see on the screen. I tried to change cable and usb input but nothing…. Any tips for me?

    Best regards Jeanette

  8. my iPhone 5 stuck on recovery loop with connect to iTunes sign
    my last option is to update to 8.3 using iTunes 12.1
    I get error 27
    my last back up was a year ago unfortunately
    I used mac pro and pc windows 7 and both updated

  9. I’m trying to restore my iPhone 5 with newest version of iTunes on PC. Getting unknowm error 52 everytime. Have tried now for about 5 times, the same error eveytime.
    Please help!


  10. I have an iPhone 5s. I recently got a no service on my phone while talking on a call, apple told me to restore the phone. I did now my phone is in recovery mode with error-1. I have all firewall disable, I have restored my iPhone 6 with the same computer with no issue. I am not able to find error -1 anywhere. I am trying to update to iOS 8.4 can you help. I can’t restore the phone or update when finishing the error code -1 comes up. Can you try helping I already updated iTunes still no solutions. Using a PC but does the same thing on my mac with same error code -1. The carrier is tmobile.

  11. hi there i keep getting the error9 on my 5s and on the screen it shows the itunes icon and the charging cable. i tried upating, it did not work i tried restoring still no help, just keeps showing me this error 9 and also as i try updating or restoring it starts then after sometime my laptop gives the sound of when you plug or unplug the cable then pops up error9. please help im soo damn fed up.

  12. i tried all the steps above on my ipad and while i try updating to ios 9.1 its stuck on recovery mode also when every time i try restorying it a popup come up n says error 9 PLEASE HELP FOR 3 WEEKS NOW IM TRYING TO FIX MY IPAD PLEASE HELP


    I have an IPAD 2. it was overloaded with apps so I tried to do a restore to factory settings and wipe the whole thing. Upon doing so I was advised by iTunes to update the software to do the restore. I downloaded the current software and plugged the iPad in for the update and restore. It gets about halfway through the status bar and upon extracting the software it stops and says “unable to restore iPad. unknown reasons. (52)” 🙁

    I have made sure iTunes and my macbook software are all up to date as well as tried numerous cords. What can I do to fix this issue. The iPad is currently stuck in iTunes recovery mode.

      • hi, I have the same problem, actually phone is iphone 5s and was working suddenly lost antenna and after that its in DFU mode, i tried tiny umbrella but it not working, I tried to restore my iphone to factory setting visa iTune’s everything going good
        Extracting software successfully
        Verifiying software successfully
        Restoring ipad Sofftware successfully
        verifying ipad software successfully

        but in the last stage stopping the process and after a long time getting error 52.
        cable is ok, i have tried with my macbook pro, I check system information and it shows iphone connected to the usb, so I dont have connectivity problem, right ?
        i dont know what I have to do 🙁
        i searched each and everything post related to error 52 but didnt help 🙁
        please help me if its possiblem,
        thank you so much

  14. my iphone 4 got error code 2…how to solve this problem
    i already do step in apple solution always stuck at error code 2

  15. Hey I have the error 52 when I try to update or restore my iPhone, it just won’t boot till the end and turns off after showing the apple logo for few seconds, help please

  16. Dear Admin,

    I am trying to Restore my backup from updated version of itunes but error ”the iphone was disconnected” appears almost at the middle of the Restoring and it is a bit slow. I’ve tried all the things mentioned above (antivirus off, phone reset, cable chaneged…)

    Thanks for your help.

  17. i’m restoring my iPhone 5 but when I start the restoring but there saying the 2015 update is error what’s the reason of this can you inform me ???
    Thank you anyway

  18. hello sir , im using iphone 7plus and recently i updated the ios version . at first everything seems to be okay until one day my iphone reboot and nnow it stuck in bootloop . ive use the itune to get rid of the problem but there is si many error one after another 4013 and other . ive follow your step but nothing seems to work can u help me ? i only have in 10 days to repair this phone before the school start .

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