9 thoughts on “How to Fix iTunes Errors 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 & 1015

  1. i have an iphone 3g ( 3.1.2 ipad baseban)
    im trying to restore it with whited00r 7 but im stuck in these 16xx errors even i update itunes ,windows,changed cables,restart my laptop.
    and i also tried to solve them with ireb but still im facing these errors
    please suggest something?
    and i tried to jailbreak it with redsnow and tried to update ios but i faced 1015 error i also tried to solve it with ireb many times still im having that error
    im sick of it please help!!!

  2. hello,

    is there any solution for Error 4005 ? 🙁
    I tried to restore my iphone 6 several times, but this error is keep on popping.

  3. Kindly help me restoring ipod shuffle software version 1.1.5? Keep getting 1418 error. And im using a lap top restoring my ipod
    Thanks,. I really appreciate your feedback

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