Upgrade Android from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 (Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich) Samsung Galaxy S

This video will show you how to Upgrade Android from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 (Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich) Samsung Galaxy S.

Microsoft Store

Android Icecream Sandwich

This video will show you how to Root your Firmware
This firmware will show you to Upgrade Firmware on your Samsung device.

Step 1. Make sure your Samsung device is rooted. Link above.
Step 2. Download the Samsung Galaxy S Upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware from the downloads page here.
Step 3. Plug in your device and make sure that the device driver is working ok. You can do this in Device Manager.
Step 4. Open the Samsung device and view the files and go into the Android folder and copy the file you just downloaded into the Android folder.
Step 5. Power off your Samsung device and put the phone in recovery mode by holding down the UP volume button + Power button + Home button.
Step 6. In the menu select Wipe Data / factory reset, this will Wipe any data on your Samsung device so make sure you do a back up first.
Step 7. Wipe cache partition and go into the advance and Wipe Dalvik cache.
Step 8. Go back to the main menu then to go install zip from SD card. And choose zip from SD card.
Choose the Zip folder from the Android folder that copied to earlier and you are done.

The Android upgrade can take anywhere from 5 to 15 mins to complete. The Samsung Galaxy S model that I recorded the video on was a fair bit slower after the upgrade, but for some people they probably wont notice the difference and the upgrade Android has the benefit of the newer OS.

If you would like to see the Samsung Galaxy S specs you can find them here on the Samsung site.

Good luck.

239 thoughts on “Upgrade Android from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 (Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich) Samsung Galaxy S

  1. Dis was very helpful…
    but pls send d elaborated process of dis in my e-mail….actually i hve Xperia U 2.3 gingerbread, i wnt to upgrade it to 4.0 ICS.

  2. i want to update my Samsung galaxy y duos lite (android 2.3.6) to android 4.0 or higher. but i fear the update does not harm my mobile. so what do you think should i do it? if yes, reply me with the procedure. if no, tell me what should i do.

  3. sir i have my rooted samsung galaxy s.. can u guide on how to upgrade my rom… if it is ok can i have atleast detail step by step process..thankyou very much and more power..

  4. after doing all process my phone starts … then google also appears ……performm little processing and then restarts again and again ….. plz help me out

    • Hi Ritik
      Try a power off and power back on.
      Remove the battery and let it sit for a few mins and then try again. If you have no joy try rolling back the software by following this video here.
      Once you have set the phone back you can try the upgrade again. Don’t forget to back up your phone at all times.
      Good luck

    • Hi Diego
      This is the only upgrade link here.
      Samsung Galaxy S Upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware
      ICSSGS 4.0.3 MR1 RC4.2 GT-I9000

      As I dont have a GT-i9070 I cant guide you on how to upgrade it.


  5. Hello,
    Thanks for the information. I use Samsung Galaxy Sii (SGH I777, at&t) with android version 2.3.6.(Ginger Bread) Kindly send to my mail the steps to follow to upgrade to 4.0.3 (ICS). The video is not too audible. I will be waiting for your response.

    Thank you

  6. i’m using karbonn A1+ model which have android 2.3.6. I want to update my android version with ics 4.0. Please tell how to upgrade my karbonn A1+ model ???

  7. hello sir i have galaxy s hoppin m190s with firmware 2.3.6 gingerbread
    i want ICS 4.0 for it but how i upgrade????? plz reply

  8. I have a doubt abt that upgrades, if i have complete my upgrade means. All details saved in my mobile is may erased? Pls rply on my email

  9. Hi, I’m using wynncom G41, which has android version 2.3.6 but a flash rom is 4.0.4, whenever I run games or application 3.0 Or 4.0.4 it said error parse. Can I know why it can’t run application or games of ics version in my android phone. It support only 2.3.6 Version application and games. Is there anyway how to root this android phone. Please show me the process how to root. I’ve been searching for a month but couldn’t find any perfect software to root. Thank you

  10. hey frnd i have a karbonn phn i am rooted my phn and i am dnlod ramexpander to expand my ram bt my ram was not increse plzz help to incres my ram

  11. I m using Micromax bolt i wanna upgrade from 2.3.6 to a any better one pls snd the solution for it to my email pls….!!!!!!”

  12. Hiiiiiii buddy can i upgrade my galaxy s duos gt7562 my os is 4.0.4 and i want to upgrade it to 4.2 jellybean will u send me the link which can b helpful for me to download the firmware send me the link on my mail address plzzzzz i m faddup of this version 4.0.4 plzzz help me out buddy

  13. I have Idea android 2.3 alcatel one touch for idea smart phone. How can I upgrade to 4.0 version.


  14. Hi, I followed all your procedures and I got mine working thanks to you! But I really have this one problem with the sound, I think it doesn’t work? How does it goes for you? Everything was for me but no sound at all. Please help. πŸ™‚

    • Hi John
      No sound. I have not seen that issue before. You could try restoring the old firmware and testing the sound again then trying the upgrade again.
      Otherwise you could try a different version of the firmware.
      Have a look here.
      And here.
      And Root here.

      Good luck πŸ™‚

  15. i have mobile samsung gt 5512b which has version 2.3.6 i need to upgrade it. so please send me mail for procedure

  16. Hi,
    I tried to upgrade my Galaxy S I9003 from 2.3.6 to 4.0 android.
    In first attempt it was not done.Then at time of second trial i was not able to perform recovery mode procedure by pressing upper vol butten-poer butten-minu butten same time,it shows blank screen at this situation.
    pls suggest resolution.

  17. i am using samsung galaxy pop version 2.3.6 and i upgraded to 4.4.5.
    i need to downgrade it back,can you tell me the process

  18. Sir actually ihave just installed movie uncle in my karbonn A25
    I converted the zip file of cwm _6000_a25,to img type file by rename
    Ihave install it
    But for the whole process for upgrading I’m not able to boot in recovery mod
    Can u help me sir
    Send the detail to my email plzzzzzzz
    Thanks alot

  19. Sir i have karbon a1+ android 2.3.6 and i wanna update to latest version so sir plz plz send me mail of good process

  20. my android 2.3OS when switched on showing some woptions like rebbot factory reset.update etc but when clicked on the options no response is seen & the power button also same not responding.only when reset button on the back of laptop is pressed its getting off.& again when switched on same process is repeating whats the actual problem with it & whats the solution for that problem please help me any one

    • Hi godavari swetha
      Looks like its in factory reset mode.
      See if you can plug it into the computer and backup the data. Once you are sure you don’t have any data on the phone. First try a shutdown. Remove battery and sim for 5 mins then plug it back in.
      Try turning it on again, if you still get that screen try doing a factory reset.
      Good luck

  21. hai frnd, i have a micromax bolt a40, my mobile os gingerbread 2.3.5. when i change the os for ice cream sandwich. then it’s can support my mobile phone.
    and how to put the ice cream sandwich os?

  22. hi matt,,
    please help me ,, my samsung GT-I8160
    if you can tell me how to upgrade and what should I download for my computer please let me know

    • Hi Christopher
      This video is for the Samsung Galaxy S only. However the process should be simular for your model you would just need to find the firmware file.

  23. I followed same steps as mentioned on My Galaxy S GT – I9003. I am getting below error :

    — Install /sdcard/Android …
    Finding Update package …
    Opening update package …
    verifying update package …
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  24. I successfully upgraded to ICS 4.0.6. However , my phone is not able to detect the network and am not able to make or receive phone calls.

    can you please advise on what needs to be done.


  25. Hi, I m using Micromax A25 2.3.6 Gingerbread.. I want to upgrade my Android. Version to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4..
    Plzz send me the process of upgrading..

  26. I have a LG Ally running Gingerbread and I was thinking that if someone could make Android 4.0 for the LG Ally that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you find anything email me the download link.

  27. hi i am using micromax bolt a40 i want change my android version 2.3.5 to 4.0.2 Plzz send me the process of upgrading..

  28. Hi sir,
    I’ve seen your video which is for upgrading the android version.Can you say is this process is only for S DOUS ? If your answer is no please find the process for upgrading my phone.I am using Samsung Galaxy Y DOUS . I want to upgrade my phone from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 . Please send me the process of upgrading my android version.

  29. i have iball andi 3.5i and android ver is 2.3.6 , i want to update it to 4.0 ver pls send the method how to update the full process to my email id

  30. pls send me an email how to update my samsung galaxy SL gt-i9003 from gingerbread 2.3.6 to ice cream sandwich 4.0 and also pls send me the files and zip files. thanks.

  31. Hi sir,
    My mobile is Samsung gt-s6102. I want to update it to KitKat or ice cream. But indeed I am not getting the file which you stored in SD card. If don’t make and can you send that file by compressing.please sir. My e-mail is k.j.s.k.888@gmail.com. plz sir

  32. Hi .sir im using t mobile samsung sgh t769 android2.3.6 kernal version t769uvlf5 i want to update my phon so becouse many apps show for update but when i update that does not work only open play store or so many important apps says my device is not compatibale for this and i like my phon so tell me easy way to update .must reply sir .i will be thank full to u must send me answer thank u sir

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