10 thoughts on “Boot Camp: How to set a default Startup Disk in Windows

  1. i tried installin window 8 using a usb flash drive but its tellin me no buttable disc found after the first restart and i also used a cd and the cd also doesnt reads after restart …what should i do

    • Hi GEORGE
      Try this. Take out the USB or DVD. Shutdown the computer. Turn it back on and while its starting up hold down the Alt Option key.
      You should then get the boot menu. At this time put the DVD or the USB into the computer.
      If you have created the bootable USB or DVD driver correctly. Then it should display in the boot menu. If you haven’t created it correctly, then it probably wont show up.

  2. The partionning between OS X and Windows. I long it takes to concluded. I put 169 go for OS X and 80 for windows. It running for 1 hours nows.

  3. I have a macbook pro and i did the windows install through usb and followed your videos. my computer restarted and is on windows now and I can’t get it back to OS or anything. help please thank you

  4. hello.. i have downloaded everything and all went fine until i faced 2 problems
    1- the windows 8.1 pro build 9700 isnt activated i cant connect to wifi or anything
    2- i couldnt find the bootcamp setup that must run on windows

    anyhelp plz 🙁

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