How to install WhatsApp Messenger on a PC

Hi All,
I have a friend who told me about “WhatsApp” Messenger and how she was using it when she was over seas. So I thought I would take a look at it and see what the ever popular App is all about.
Its a messenger App like the rest but it replaces phone SMS by using the phone’s 3G/EDGE or PC’s internet connection to send chat messages. This allows you not to pay for SMS in your phone carriers bill.
And you have a free Wifi, then essentially you can chat completely free. WhatsApp is currently the No. 1 paid social networking app on the iTunes App Store and currently number 13 on Google’s Play free App store. Whatsapp currently has over 200 Million monthly active users and is a cross platform app which is also available on Blackberry and Windows phones.

Features Include
* MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
* GROUP CHAT: Group conversations which supports up to 30 people!!!
* NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: No charges with international email and messages as long as your friends have the app installed you can avoid SMS costs.
* SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS: Whatsapp uses the contacts already in your phone.
* OFFLINE MESSAGES: Messages sent while a contact is offline still goes through when they come back online.
They do have fine print which also states “When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply, contact your carrier for more info. 🙂 sneaky

Whatsapp Messenger Chat

In the video above to install Whatsapp on a PC, you need to run BlueStacks software. The direct links can be found under the downloads section on this page click here.

Good luck and have fun with it 🙂

5 thoughts on “How to install WhatsApp Messenger on a PC

  1. Hi,
    could please do a tutorial of how to install whatsApp on Iphone 3G with an ios of 4.2.1. I have tried the given versions but i dont seem to get one that can install and thus the ones that get installed do not connect to the WhatsApp servers. Any help rendered is highly appreciated.

    • Hi Tavine
      I busted myself to get the Whatsapp working on the iPhone 3G. But alas I was unsuccessful. I can get it to the stage that it is installed and you put in you phone number in it send you and SMS code and you enter that. However the next step it says you need to update the app.
      At this stage unless anyone else has some better ideas I have to say its not possible.

  2. Oky Thanks, but i guess i will have to leave WhatsApp alone.
    I have some other issue, Could you do a tutorial on how to change the black background of the iphone 3g to a custom one because i have failed to change it to the one i desire. My iphone is Jailbreak ed but have failed to change it. Nay ideas?

    • Hi Tavine
      Take a photo of the background you want and then go into photos. Select the photo you want, tap the Share button. Tap the Use as Wallpaper.
      And then your done.

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