9 thoughts on “iPhone 3gs Review – iOS 6.1.3

  1. Hi matt, ive been trying to to jail break this 3gs for around 3weeks so far lol,im a bit slow when it comes to IT related jargon,several error codes have popped up in this time period ie most recently 1,3014,Also a message reading missising keys.plist for this build,my seril number is as follows 850107GT3NQ ,,, model number MC132B/A. can you advise is this the newer or older 3gs as im without a clue I believe its the newbootrom but unsure.any help would be appreciated cheers

      • cheers for the help videos matt,ive had just about every error code in the history of apple full of maggots lol, but ive tried several times with help of your tutorials and ive managed to tame the beast just have to sort cydia out not quite there just yet

          • hi matt, I know what you mean there lots of errors I think apple wants you to go out and buy an upgrade instead, at least my 3gs is not quite like a brick no more but im having trouble getting cydia and the wiffi to work now I keep doing the reboot after jb

  2. i need to install viper for my 3g iphone and i can’t because the is says i can’t because this versionneed the newer version IOS 7.0
    how can i install it ??
    Please help !

    • Hi Alaa Elkherbawy
      You would need to jailbreak your phone first and then install viber.
      This process if pretty old now and I am not sure it would work.

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