Transfer Data iPhone to Android 2021

Hi guys and welcome to 123myIT. In this video, we will show you how to Copy data from iPhone to Android 2021. Ok Guys so we are going to copy the data from your iPhone to iCloud and then download that data to your Android device. This will copy data such as Contacts, Messages, and Free apps, Photos, Videos and Documents. We will use WIFI so make sure both devices are on WIFI. In addition, this should with most Android phones, the process will be similar but you might have to work out which copy software to use. Ok let us start.

iphone to android 2021

Sign into iCloud – iPhone to Android 2021

On your iPhone go into settings scroll to the top and sing into iCloud with your Apple id.

Once you are signed into iCloud, the next step is to do a Backup to iCloud. To do this tap iCloud and then scroll to the bottom and tap on iCloud Backup. This is where you would tap backup now to start the backup. However before you do this lets go back and select what we want to backup remember you will be copying this to your Android device.

Ok I am going to go in and turn off anything that I do not want to backup. Ok once finished there is a few more options to turn off.

Turn off Two Factor Authentication – iPhone to Android 2021

You need to turn off Turn off two-factor authentication if you have that turned on. To do this go out of settings and into Safari and browse to Once there sign in with your Apple ID and password. Log into your account tap on Security, then scroll to the bottom, and turn off two-factor authentication. As you can see, I do not have it turned on.

The next step is to turn off find my iPhone. This is helpful if you want to sell your iPhone afterwards. Go Back into settings, Tap Apple ID and then tap on Find my. Find my iPhone is turn on tap to turn it off. Enter your apple id and then turn it off.

Turn off iMessages

The last step is to turn off iMessages. This will stop your phone number from being linked to your Apple ID. Tap on find my, tap on Apple ID, tap on Settings. Scroll down and find messages. Then just toggle off iMessages. Go back into settings and back into iCloud again. Tap iCloud. Again, go down to iCloud backup. Tap backup now to start the iCloud backup. Depending on how much data you have this might take a while. Head over to your Android device and start up the restore software. This is a Samsung S20 so the software is called Smart switch.

You can find it in the menu or if you are on other Android devices look under Settings and then Accounts and Backup or the Backup area of your Android device. Always tap update.

Transfer Data

Tap on Receive data and then Tap iPhone since we want receive the Data from the iPhone. You want to connect wirelessly to iCloud. The backup has finished on the iPhone now so you can close out of it. Tap done to log into your iCloud on your Android device.

Awesome it should now show you a list of data that you can copy across to your Android device. Just deselect anything that you do not want. Great it will give you other options to copy data to your Android device. Tap next down the bottom. It’s give you a warning about turning off iMessage which we already did. Then tap go to the Home screen and check if you data copied across by going into your Android device.

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Transfer Data Android to Android 2020

Hi Guys and welcome to 123myit. In this video, we will show you how to Transfer data from Android to Android in 2020. Ok Guys If you are transferring data from any Android device to Samsung then you will be able to transfer Calls, Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Apps, Photos, Videos, Music and Documents. IF you transferred from Samsung to other devices, you will be able to transfer Contacts, Calendar, Photos and Videos.

Getting Started – Transfer Data Android

First up we are going to transfer data from my Oppo Phone to my Samsung phone and we are going to use an app called Smart Switch. Most Samsung phones will have the smart switch app already installed under Settings > Accounts and backup. But if you cant find it on your device you can download it from the Google play store.

I already have it installed so I am going to tap open and do the same on your other Android device. Tap agree and then allow. This will give the phone access to your files so it can transfer the data. Tap lets go and then tap Wireless. Make sure both devices are on the same WIFI network. Tap receive data, Tap from Android and then tap Wireless.

android to android
Get Connected Moving your data on Android

If all is going well you should see a pop up to allow access on your other phone. Just tap accept or allow. Your devices should then work out what data it can copy across. Alright choose what to bring, just deselect anything you don’t want to copy across. If you scroll down you should also get an SD card option.

Select what you want to Transfer

I am going to deselect everything and only copy across my Calls and Contacts. Once you are done tap transfer. Awesome all your stuff is copied across now. Alright lets go back the other way now. We are going to use an app called Copy my Data. You can download it from the Google play Store. I have already downloaded it so I will just start the app. Download and start the app on your other device. Tap next on both devices. Tap to or from another device over WIFI. Select your device then select copy data to selected devices. Add in the pin number. Then tap next. Deselect any of your data you don’t want to copy across. I just want my calendar and then tap next. Just tap allow on your other device. Congratulation you have just copied your data between two Android devices.

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