Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a MacBook Air OS X Yosemite

This video will show you how to Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a MacBook Air OS X Yosemite.

Hi All,
I setup this video to show people how to Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a MacBook Air OS X Yosemite. You need to know how to install Windows 8.1 Enterprise to allow you to then setup Windows to Go. Windows to Go is installing Windows 8.1 on an external USB drive rather than installing it to the computers built in hard drive.
You need to have a copy of Windows 8.1 Enterprise install on a Mac or a PC to allow you to setup the Windows to Go USB drive and I will do the next video on exactly how to do this.
So this video is in actual fact one step closer to setting up Windows to Go.

If you want to know more about the Windows to Go process you can check out the official Microsoft page here.
And for the techies out there, you can take a look at the TechNet version here.
So where do I get Windows 8.1 Enterprise version from I here you ask? Well you can follow the video here. On the downloads page you will have a choice of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Enterprise version. For the Windows to go setup it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot which version you choose.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a MacBook

Once you have downloaded the Windows 8.1 Enterprise version, you can burn that ISO to a DVD and then install it either on a Mac or PC. Burning the copy to DVD allows you to install any computer but it also allows you to make sure you have a back up copy if anything does happen to the ISO file or to the computer that the ISO file is stored on.

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19 thoughts on “Install Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a MacBook Air OS X Yosemite

  1. i tried to install win8 macbook air but from boot ass after i press continuo give me no usb drive i don’t now the problem

    • Hi Blaine,
      For enterprise I have not tested any other OS X version only Yosemite. However I would imagine it would work on Mavericks.
      Which OS are you talking about ?

  2. My friend 123 it says it says your bootable drive couldn’t be created when i try to install windows 8. Help me.

  3. Hello, I watch video then I have a question for you.
    I wondering that Is it boot normally after windows intall and remove use drive?
    I want to use Windows to go few day per month. so, If I install windows in my macbook pro retina, and I remove my windows usb, then, Is it work perfectly? and then, I plug-in my windows usb, then, can I use my windows perfectly?

    thank you for your read and have a nice day 😉

  4. Hi Matthew,

    visitor fro Ireland, Like your videos and info on your sight. very helpful. I am presently attempting to install windows8 utilising Bootcamp on an external hard drive which is connected to my MacBook Pro early 2011. can you direct me to one of your videos if you have one.

    I would very much appreciate hearing from you

    Cheers Alan

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