ASUS ROG G750JS-TS71 Notebook Unboxing Review & Benchmark

This video will show you an ASUS ROG G750JS-TS71 Notebook Unboxing Review & Benchmark.

Hi All
So I have recently upgraded my Asus ROG notebook from the Asus G750JX-TB71 to the Asus G750JS-TS71. And you can find the review on the G750JX-TB71 model I did last year on the following link.
Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Unboxing Review and Benchmark

In this video however we will show you want inside the Asus box and what you can expect from the notebook with regards to design and benchmark performance.

If you are looking for a copy of the tools used to benchmark this laptop you can find them on the downloads page link below.
CPU-Z 1.67.
GPU-Z ASUS with ROG skin 0.7.4.
hwmonitor 1.24.
PC Mark 8.
3D Mark 8.

If you want to know more about this Asus you can check out the official Asus link below.
Asus ROG G750JS-TS71.

3 thoughts on “ASUS ROG G750JS-TS71 Notebook Unboxing Review & Benchmark

  1. Hey Matthew, can you send me link of Windows 7(64bit) ISO that will support UEFI so I can install Windows using EFI boot method? Please, find for me Windows 7 64 bit version’s ISO.

  2. hey man what is up good videos thanks for the tutorial on how to run windows on the macbook air. I also saw this video which very much interest´s me because i am actully trying to decide what to get either the mcbook air or the asus rog. first i want to ask a couple of questions since you have this laptop and have also dealed with macbook air. would you recommend this asus laptop? is it durable? im not much of a gamer but if i have the power why not, i love video games i also will start going to school and will probably travel with the laptop. the current macbook air i was looking at has the following config. intel i7 + 8gb of ram, it is the 11in with 128gb hardrive. price is around $1,220 USD which it doesn´t bother me since i know this will be alittle more future proof and last me a longer time. also the macbooks are also very durable so quality is also there with that price. as for the asus rog i dont know nothing about it looking at videos it looks very big i dont know how it looks in real life but the design is very cool and i like the exhaust and the fans which also makes me think that is also future proof and internaly will last long.there are many models, this model you made a video of is a little pricy but there is a less expensive model which i think is also of the current ROG line and looks very capable. the ASUS ROG G750JM-DS71, i dont know if the durability varies on the model and price and im also thinking that the older models tend to be more durable as its always like that with alot of things and the newer ones are built faster and have cheaper components. I was looking at a later model (ASUS G75VW-DH71 17-Inch Laptop (Black) which i like the design also, i think it looks slicker. The pricing on all of these is pretty similar to the macbook air, this is at what i would like to keep it at. i would like a suggestion as i dont know what to go for. also macbook is nice for the slim design and it will be easy to carry around. what do you think? have you encountered any problems with the ROG. so yea man im between those two apple and asus thanks for the review. write back and let me know what you think.

    • HI julian medina
      I always get asked the question, which laptop should I buy and its not a simple answer because a laptop is a very personal device in my option. So the first question I ask is.
      * What will you use it for ?

      If you are going to be carrying it around I would not recommend the Asus ROG as its 17 inch laptop and quite heavy.
      Maybe something more like the MacBook Pro 13 inch would be more suitable. It wont be as good for gaming as the Asus however it will be much lighter and give you decent performance. Just be careful though with hard disk size. 128GB is not much and will fill up fast.

      If you didn’t want to go OS X and prefer Windows go the Dell 13 inch XPS range. Plus they have touchscreen which the Macs do not.
      The quality of the Dell XPS range is very good and the Dell after sales support is second to none.
      I suggest if you can afford it get 3 year warranty and after 2 years put it in eBay and sell the laptop with 1 year warranty remaining and you will get a great price for it which you can put towards a newer model.

      Good luck mate
      I hope that gives you some help in deciding what you would like to do.

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