Samsung Chromebook Unboxing Review Series 3 303C12-A01

This video will show you the Samsung Chromebook Unboxing Review Series 3.

I had the pleasure of doing an unboxing and first look at this Samsung Chromebook. This is the 3rd series of Chromebook laptops by Samsung and it runs a small amount of Linux which runs the Google Chrome browser. So it boots really fast mainly because it doesn’t really have much to load. Its very basic. Not a bad cheap option if you are a heavy Google user, the laptop retails for around $249.
You need an internet connection to use this laptop and you also need a Google account. So when you sign in the laptop logs you into all your Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive and YouTube.
While the Chromebook might be a great low spec low budget laptop to get you online easily. However if you use your laptop for anything that is not in a web browser than this laptop is not for you.