How to install Whited00r 6 on your iPhone or iPod

Hi All, so I have had loads of people ask me how do I get this app which is no longer supported by the Apple firmware installed on my I device?
Well so far I have done some tutorials on how to add Facebook App and Facebook Messenger App to my your iPhone, but the list of apps is endless and I could go on forever trying to get them all working.

But I have found there is away to get allot of the current apps on your old device by using Whited00r. What is Whited00r I hear you ask?
Whited00r is custom IOS firmware that has been tweaked to allow you to do many awesome things like runs apps that no longer have support on the official Apple firmware. There is also other benefit’s like a speed boost to your phone and added functionality with a Siri like voice activated service.

This video will step you through how to install Whited00r and all the apps you have been dreaming of.

Before installing Whited00r please backup your I device data by following my video here.
Also if you get into trouble or you don’t like Whited00r 6 please follow this restore video here.
You can restore a copy of iPhone firmware by watching this video here. And the Mac version is here.

Good Luck and have fun 🙂