How to Upgrade & Activate Windows 8.1 Preview

Hi All
A few people have been asking how to upgrade the version of Windows that is from the website so I have added a quick video to show you how to do this.
This video will show you how to Upgrade & Activate Windows 8.1 Preview.


24 thoughts on “How to Upgrade & Activate Windows 8.1 Preview

  1. Hi,

    With 8.1 preview, would this mean after it had expired you would still be able to use it forever but for only 2 hours at a time?

    Thanks, James

  2. I have a MacBook pro. I installed windows 8.1 preview and upgraded to 8.1 pro student following your instructional videos but after the upgrade it seems like my drivers are not working and I cannot find bootcamp under system and security. do I need to reinstall the drivers in the above link? I would really appreciate some guidance. im not very computer savvy

  3. man……………kinda sucks that in a month from now i will have to “buy” a product key……………..the whole point in me subscribing and following your steps is because i thought it was free

    • HI Kilpatrick
      It is free, you don’t have to buy it after one month. You can keep using it however, it will restart your Mac every two hours if you don’t.

      PS. I am not a Microsoft sales person, I don’t get any money from Microsoft for this or any of my videos. I simply just trying to help people get Windows installed on their Macs and it makes the process heaps easier for people to follow if everything is at their finger tips. If you follow other videos, you would have to have a paid for copy of Windows 8.1 ready to install even before you attempt their videos.
      Cheers & Good luck,

      • I was able to download files from the Microsoft store and run the installer on the existing windows partition. It’s still running. But I’ll let you know how it works.

  4. Can I upgrade windows after I get the expiration warning, or is the expiration warning the only time I can upgrade


  5. Hello Matt,

    I have purchased “Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade 32/64-bit Mac Version (English) (Student Option) – Download” through my university’s hub. It came with a 25 letter product key. Can i use that product key for this upgrade?

  6. I have the windows 8.1 preview but the preview hasn’t expired yet but I want to upgrade it to the full version now. how do I do that?

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