8 thoughts on “Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac with VMware

  1. After a challenging attempt at using Boot Camp to download windows 8 on my MacBookPro 13″ Mid 2014, without success-although the instructional video(s) you make are excellent and clear, I used the trial VMware Fusion 7 trial and the downloaded Windows 8 from your website and am blown away at how easy that was, and I am, or was, technologically challenged to be certain.
    I followed along with your video and it took literally minutes to have windows available within my iOS operating system (after an hour download of Windows, you warned us). I don’t do any gaming so I imagine that’s why others go to the trouble of using Boot Camp. Thanks a million, it will help me get a temporary job where I have to use Windows. I turned on “right click” to the right lower corner of my trackpad and it is seemless to go back and forth. I will look for more videos on using Windows within a Mac. You rock.

    • Hi Liana
      Great feedback I really appreciate it. Who knew that a simple video could someone get a job. You’re comment really inspires me to keep going.
      If you would like to keep up to date on what 123myIT is doing. Why not subscribe to the 123myIT.com YouTube channel.
      Again thanks very much for your feedback.

  2. hey. first of all I’d like to thank you on making such a great website. So far all my queries has been answered thoroughly by just watching your videos. I would just like your opinion on this though. I have a Macbook Air (2014), and I need to install windows, what would you suggest I use? VMware or Bootcamp? Thanks a lot.

  3. You are a life saver — as a very tech-ignorant grad student, I was able to install Windows 7 with VMware on my Mackbook to seamlessly run all my stats programs. Thank you so much!!!

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