19 thoughts on “How to fix ZTE V9 too many pattern attempts message

  1. Thankyou for the video.
    Couldn’t really make out the links used to download the setup(s)
    can you please email me the links?

    Thanks again 🙂

  2. I was given a locked (as in your vid) zte v9 optus…old tablet that must have first come out in 2009…laid around their home and lost all cords etc…had a flat battery too. So I ordered a computer usb cord that fits and charges the tablet…now the green light flashes instead of red one. BUT my desktop xp and laptop win7 ultimate will not recognize device at all…I have tried both update links for post and pre paid but neither see the usb device and stay grayed. I have tried device manager and updated drivers for usb’s and a hub I tried using also, but still nada…getting very frustrated and don’t know what else to try to reset an reformat this tablet…being a pensioner it was a costly exercise to get the right cord (14.95 + 10 postage) and was hoping this would set me up with tablet phone so if I go on holidays I can take this instead of my bulky heavy laptop. Anything you can suggest will be gratefully received. And if I can manage out of next pension even $10 will donate to you thru my paypal if possible 🙂 thankyou in advance…love your easy watchable videos and well done and thankyou for your great site/page full of info 🙂


      • yes Matt…I turn it on and it goes straight to screen same as yours…too many pattern attempts…log in gmail account. I can also get the FTM, but the problem lies in the duocore desktop (XP Pro) and the i5 Laptop (Win7 ultimate) not recognizing device. Installed the upgrade tool same as your screen shots for postpaid and pre paid and only greyed start key, Null and no ports come up…Cannot get the device recognized no matter what I try, even in Device Manager on both computers…stays Unknown Device and has icon on taskbar that then says…error 43. Wonder if I can somehow bypass cord connection and use mem card with auto boot upgrade on it…or even a factory reset command, but thought this…don’t know how to do it 😉 lol

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