ASUS Strix GL702V Game Lag – Fixed

ASUS Strix GL702V Game Lag – Fixed

This video will show you how to fix in game lag by turning off Turbo Boost.
I had a massive problem that the Asus themselves could not fix and this related to in game lag. This lag would slow the game down every five seconds or so and the frame rate would drop from around 40-50 to below 20. This would happen in multiple games such as Elder scrolls online and Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. I was so stressed and frustrated with this lag so I want to try and help others hopefully fix this issue if they are having it.

This big issue is when you buy a product and you have a problem with it and you try your upmost to get help with that problem and no one listens. I had put a post up on the Asus ROG forum and it was removed when I said Asus service centre couldn’t resolve the problem. Which was the truth. But it made Asus look bad so they removed it because it proved that there was an issue with their laptops. Shortly after they released BIOS 305 Update thermal policy to reduce CPU temperature. 🙂 I will do a video shortly on this update. But it has really left a sour taste in my mouth with regards to their after sales support.
After all, they only need to acknowledge that there is an issues and that they are looking for a fix.

The picture below shows the game at the drop of 19 frames per second.

Game Lag

The tool I used to turn off Turbo Boost is called Throttle Stop and you can find it here. Simply download and install Throttle Stop, then run he program and you should get a series of check boxes, simple select the checkbox that you want to change and click save. This should then apply the setting you wish to apply. Don’t forget this will reset after a reboot so you might have to reapply the setting when you restart the computer.

Throttle Stop - Game Lag

Good luck guys, I hope it helps out.

26 thoughts on “ASUS Strix GL702V Game Lag – Fixed

  1. Hi Matthew,
    did you have the chance to check the bios update with the “Update thermal policy to reduce CPU temperature” ?
    I’m planning to buy this laptop and would be interested to see your opinion.

    ps: nice reviews 🙂

      • Hi Matthew,
        Good to know, thanks for your effort and dedication.
        I’ve ordered the laptop and hope to have up and running soon. I’ll try to see how it’ll work with the bios update and/or with Intel XTU tweaking – under voltage. Due to the warranty I’m not gonna re-apply some artic silver 5 thermal paste, but who knows, maybe it’s helpful for others.
        What you’d think about this?
        thank you,

  2. Hi, I bought the GL702VM-GC126T, when i see in “msinfo32” its GL702VMK, on asus webs , the Bios its still 300 version, can I just install Bios Version 305 of GL702VM ?

  3. Hey!

    I have problem after updating my Bios from 305 to 306
    FPs became really unstable, drop regularly and lagging on BF1
    any ideas?

  4. How is your laptop now performing? Have you played games on it ? And also how are the cpu temperature on your machine? I am looking to buying this laptop but I am a bit hesitant due to the cpu temp issues.

  5. I see your solution on youtube .. was great

    But i have same problem with gl533vd i try to use your method .. first i download the throttle stop and said “cpu not supported” i am very sad .. i spend more time to find the solution but no way no post in Asus forum even talk about gl533vd .. just one post .. and i try it .. no fix

  6. hey i’ve just downloaded the obsidian tool then it told me to activate it do u have any activation key?thank u please reply me on my email.

  7. hi matthew.

    i have downloaded the throttle stop app of of your link that you suggested, the download went well! although when i try open the program it says CPU not supported? any idea on what i can do and why? i have the same rog GL702vm laptop windows 1o

    regards Aubrey

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