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Version: 4.12

Added: September 23, 2013

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad


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Skype allows you to Call, video call and use instant message’s to anyone else who is on Skype for free with Skype for your iPhone, iPod touch, Android or Windows mobile.

And phone calls that are placed to people in your contacts list are at Skype’s low call rate. You can also purchase Skype Credit.

Skype is free to download for iPhone, iPod touch, Android or Windows mobile and works over 3G and Wi-Fi.

If you would like to install Skype on an older version of iPhone 3G then click here to download Skype v3.7.

12 responses to “Skype”

  1. Doug Morrison says:

    Iphone 3g
    Jailbroken with redsnow and cydia from your site.
    using ifunbox from your site.
    repeatedly tried skype version 4.12.ipa
    repeatedly tried skype version 3.7.ipa

    Get “Error# e8008001. … Please send feedback.”

    So – here’s the feedback – any suggestions – great site by the way…

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Matt,
    Followed your steps but I get “Error# e8008001. … Please send feedback.”
    Below my iPhone specs:
    Iphone 3G Version 4.2.1
    Jailbroken (+ Cydia)
    Using iFunBox
    AppSync 4+ Installed
    Tried Skype version 4.12.ipa
    During transfer through iFunBox I get “Error# e8008001. … Please send feedback.”

    Any suggestions? I also tried to install AppSync for IOS 5 from Cydia but I get the message that I can’t install it due to firmware not supported (it only works on 5 + firmwares).

    Any suggestions would be great. Many thanks!

  3. steve says:


    I followed your instructions, but I got this message, when I opened the skype:
    Your version of Skype is being retired. Update to the latest version today.

    I have an ipad, I jailbraked just now, because I would like to use skype on it. Update of skype is not possible, because it needs a higher version of IOS, what I cannot update on ipad.

    Can you help me to solve it?

    Many thanks,

    • 123myIT says:

      Hi Steve,
      Yes this is the problem with Apple products.
      You need to jailbreak install app sync and then it might work however the video is old now and not even sure if the App
      version will work.

  4. Whaka says:

    the last official version wich can connect today is the 4.17.135
    and it require ios 6.

    BUT… you can trick some older version to get it to work on older devices.
    for ios 4/5 pick the 3.7 here, and when it’s installed go in /var/mobile/Applications with iFile, or any file manager you want.
    then you have find skype… a bit annoying because folders are named with a kind of uuid, so, you have to open each to look inside.

    when you found the, go in the folder, and look for the info.plist file.
    inside this plist, you’ll find the version number of skype, edit and replace every 3.7.x you see (there’s 2 lines to modify) by 6.11 (wich is the current version), or any still officialy supported version number… and… voilà, magic…
    now, you can login again with your skype id. and even be able to found and add contacts with msn/facebook id 🙂

    i did this with 3.6 version for ios 3.1.3 on a good old 3G.
    but i tried too with the 4.12 and the trick doesn’t work, it try to login, but it fail. so, use the 3.7, it’s ok.

  5. Whaka says:

    err mistake, i meaning version for ios 3.

  6. Whaka says:

    my pleasure 🙂
    you can try this trick with others app, it can work for some. (youtube, spotify for exemple)
    as well on mac too. if you still have a ppc mac, you can use skype again too 🙂

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