Opera Mini Web browser Version : 7.0.4, Android Version : 7.8.1

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Version: Version : 7.0.4, Android Version : 7.8.1

Added: September 27, 2013

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Android


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Want faster Internet browsing? Paying too much for mobile data? Get the world’s most popular mobile browser for your iOS device, and start tracking your savings today.

Keep Opera Mini handy on your iOS device, especially for those times you are on a slow network, away from Wi-Fi or when data roaming. Opera’s cloud-assisted technology compresses data by up to 90% before downloading, so page loads are lightning fast.

Opera Mini’s great features include:
► Speed: Browse up to 6 times faster, especially on slower or crowded networks.
► Data savings: Compress up to 90% of data traffic.
► Speed Dial: Get to your favourite websites with a single tap.
► Visual tabs: See all your open webpages and quickly switch between them.
► Opera Link: Sync your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a desktop PC or other mobile phone.

Don’t let expensive data plans or roaming costs get between you and the Web. Try Opera Mini today to start saving time and money on your favourite websites. Download it for free.

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